Sunday, January 13, 2008

Edwards, my choice.....

Looks like Liberals all over facebook are falling in love with a smooth talking man named Obama. I for one don't really care about the big spending sweepstakes to the south. But I am going to pontificate on why both Hillary and Obama are bad for the dems, and Edwards is the best choice.

The last 2 democrats to win the Presidency were not Senators.

They were not from the North.

They were Southern Governors.
There is no southern Governor running for the democrats.

The Democrats needs a Southerner to win. Al Gore came close, but he was the VP, not a Governor or Senator from the South. If our Southern ideological cousins make a choice, by this article it should be John Edwards.

Why the south do you ask? The South has a disproportionate of electoral college votes. And every past democrat president in the last half of the 20th century has needed the south to carry the election. Bill Clinton, Carter, and LBJ all used their humble southern roots to win elections.

The only man with these credentials is John Edwards, he has that Southern Charm, and Southern roots necessary for the job.

So Obama and Clinton, if history tells us anything will face an uphill battle, and their northern roots won't carry well in Charleston, Charlotte, and Memphis.



William Norman said...

I like how Edwards southern-ness helped the Dems so much they couldn't even win his own state.

burlivespipe said...

There does seem to be an interesting void when it comes to calibre-experience running for the job. You've got Hillary and ... well, Richardson has the experience but just not the profile and now he's out. Edwards, I too like best of all but he may just have too much of 2004 tarred on him to be a viable 'second-choice' consensus.
With the horrible current administration, it should be clearing the path for a long Democrat ticker parade, ala Hoover to Roosevelt. But maybe little Bush is more like Harding, which begat Repub's Coolidge and then Hoover, before Roosevelt emerged to straighten the American mess.
Maybe Clinton has enuf 'southern cred' being the wife of the former Alabama governor, to eke out enuf southern states for a victory. Or maybe Obama can successfully get the 70% of black-Americans who don't vote into the voters booth.
What ever it is, they need to get their act together if they want to win.

RuralSandi said...

Pretty weak argument to say the least.

Perhaps if Edwards did his own fighting instead of mummy wife attacking everyone from the get go, whining to the media that they don't cover her Johnnie more and attacking the media and everyone else if they challenge him - he might look like a leader.

Bill Clinton is from the "south" - Arkansas and Hillary lived there for many years.

Kuri said...

It's interesting to hear an "electoral viability" argument for Edwards. I like him because he appears not afraid to call out some powerful interests, he's not a "machine candidate" and, unlike both Clinton and Obama, he's not padding his speeches with empty rhetoric.

James Curran said...

28 years of a Clinton/Bush in the White House. What's next Chelsea or Jed? Please!

Edwards ain't afraid to fight anyone. Further, polls show him the most likely to beat any Republican. Head-to-head, he beats all of them. Hillary and Barack? Not so much.