Thursday, January 31, 2008

OYL Beyond North?

I was perusing the OYL beyond slate website when I came across a bizarre rant in Latin. The page for the Northern Regional coordinator candidate is replaced. Replaced you say? By what, a silhouette, and 3 paragraphs of latin.
Well, some type of pig or dog latin. yes, that anglicized version of the Roman language, and it looks like Caligula did some editing to their website. Yes, Caligula went on rant and talked about destruction and a big fight of some sort. Anyone who can decipher this better than an online translator, please get back to me? But enough from me, here is the first paragraph.

Check this out, and put it through a translator.

orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas pulvinar, nisl et auctor laoreet, lorem nisi facilisis nibh, sit amet cursus nisi metus vitae dolor. Proin vitae dui. Integer eu lorem. Integer sit amet elit id est commodo feugiat. Sed euismod aliquam enim. Nunc porttitor condimentum eros. Vestibulum in nibh id pede malesuada luctus. Aenean molestie dapibus turpis. Nunc bibendum. Vivamus nisi tortor, varius facilisis, vestibulum non, ultricies ac, orci. Aenean ultricies arcu ac mi. Maecenas non pede. Proin placerat dolor. Donec pellentesque velit vitae magna. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Cras lobortis rhoncus tortor.

Thats the first paragraph, this is really confusing. I think either there is a mole in the Beyond, or they have some issues. But seriously, this is bush league, either find a candidate or explain why you don't have anyone running in the North. As a recently aged out OYL'er I find this weird. I know some of these people and they just aren't goofy or funny enough to play this kind of joke.
Thanks to James Bowie for enlightening me.


lance said...

It's standard design and print fluff.

It's used to simulate what text looks like without actually saying anything. It's been around for decades.

See, this.


Jamie Callingham said...

well thats a good explanation.