Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Real St Pauls DSM and AGM.

Another Liberal blogger from St Pauls really dropped the ball when it came to their Young Liberal AGM and DSM.

He missed so many facts, I have to educate the OYL blogosphere on what really happened.

First off, this club was taken over by instant Liberal's. Ryan Dunn signed up a bunch of non-liberals to get them to vote for him, so he could have some credibility at agm when he is giving his speech as to why he should be the OYL Policy director.

Dunn has never campaigned a single poll in this riding, provincially or Federally, and the first event anyone saw him at was the iggy fundraiser in February. Basically OYL beyond is his first ever experience in politics.

Secondly, the OYL beyond team, totally ambushed the incumbant president of the club. Leen Al Zaibak. Leen has been a lifelong Liberal who has given so much to the St. Pauls riding, and to the party herself. Her family is active in both the provincial and Federal party too. As opposed to Ryan, who has done nothing at all for the club. The beyond people unceremoniously took over the club without even informing Leen that they had signed up new members.

Though these tactics are not illegal, they leave a bad taste in the mouth of the real Liberals. The foot soldiers on the campaign trail, who volunteer their time. These new liberals have never put in any time at the riding. After they vote for Dunn, they are done.

just when you thought things could get any weirder...

5-0 Leafs

Which one of these guys will be left after the day is done? Besides Tucker....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is not cool...

Internal Liberal politics is a strange animal, especially Young Liberal politics. It used to be a real insiders game, but the OYL roots are trying to open things up. They want to end this type of tomfoolery and the other team, well they are not.

This facebook invitation came across my desk today through email. This is from a Queens Park staffer and former OYL executive finishing his term, offering his friends (non political) a free hotel weekend of boozing in Hamilton if they vote for his boy. This is not how Young Liberal politics should work, this is not portraying young Liberals in a good light....

Event Info
The 2nd Annual Team Kerr Piss Up
The Libs
Causes - Rally
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, March 7, 2008 at 5:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 1:00pm
Courtyard Marriot Hamilton
1224 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON

View Map
Contact Info
Our dear friend Shawn and his team have some serious competition for votes at this year's OYL Annual General Meeting. So once again.... it's up to the rest of us.For those that missed last year's festivities in Kingston, it can honestly be said that it was one of the most redonkulous weekends of the year.Take a few hundred Young Liberals with a genuine interest in this country's politics. Now add a bunch of our idiot friends, genuinely interested in the politics of being shitfaced, and you've got yourself a recipe for a great weekend.Free hotel weekend, free booze. All you have to do is get your ass out of bed in the morning to vote for our boy.Seriously, none of you have anything better to do.If you have any questions, contact Shawn at shawnkerr@gmail.com and he'll fill you in. See you there.

This content from a facebook event appeared in my mailbox today.

This is not cool, getting free hotel rooms for your friends, while Liberals pay full delegate price and full prices for their rooms. I hope its an honest mistake or a joke, but it looks real to me. Is this how the Beyond slate is getting their vote out? Voting for their boy by bringing in "social Liberals". Staffers should pay full price, they aren't at work. They should especially pay if they are taking a side in the OYL election. Their friends should also pay, looks like the event went invisible.

I like the grassroots even more.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Balkan Sh!% show is back!

It has been put off for about 9 years (I did a presentation on Kosovo for my OAC politics credit in high school), but it looks like its going to get ugly at the UN this week. With many nations recognizing Kosovo, the issues of Federalism and Sovereignty come to the forefront of international politics.

The United States has just recognized Kosovo, I should suspect Canada to follow suit soon. This whole situation is reminiscent of history, where the balkans create a Sh!Tstorm around the world. Russia is going to overreact, the Spanish don't like this precedent, and I don't know enough about the area to really make some sort of logical argument in terms of International relations.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Back to our OYL ROOTS

I have been active in attending OYL events for the past 2 years, and I’ve decided it’s time for a change.

After much deliberation I feel that the OYL Roots team is far superior a choice to lead the Young Liberals into the next election. They have the platform, people, and the power to really make a difference in the next year. All the members of their team are dedicated volunteers that have given so much of their time and effort to the OYL and the Liberal party itself.

This group gets the OYL back to their roots, and that doesn't make them an extension of the provincial party as it seemed the OYL has done in the past year. They strike me as a team, they have worked together and their policy doesn't come from the mind of just one person. That is their best asset, their collective experience and know how makes them look like a Lexus compared to the Chevy Cavalier of their opponent.

The Roots are the progressives. They have tried to face an obstinate president. They got Summer Fling in North Bay, and they were responsible for progressive young Liberal policies. The OYL Roots will take us back to the days of a functioning team executive, and they will turn the OYL around.

The OYL Roots also represents a strong voice for women in politics. As a white male, I am really happy to see more young women running for the executive. I am especially happy to see that Mary-Rose Brown, and Joanna Murrell are running for 2 very important executive roles. Gender parity should be a priority of the Liberal party, and the OYL should be the beacon which the Senior Party looks to for direction in closing the gender gap and eliminating the so-called glass ceiling.

OYL Roots is by far the most experienced I’ve seen, with members I have had many dealings with in the past. I was fortunate enough to enter politics with Joanna Murrell on the campaign trail for Dan McTeague in the 2006 Federal Election. Since then she has been a tireless worker for the party. Her endless devotion and work ethic even amazed me during the 2007 provincial election, as well during Gerard Kennedy’s leadership bid. She will make a great Provincial Vice President and ensure a culture of inclusiveness in the provincial wing of the OYL.

Justin Tetreault is another member the executive I have grown to know in the past year. Justin brings a passion for Liberalism to a new level, and his organization of the Northern Region was amazing. Justin has a passion for grassroots democracy and the passion of which he has spoken about this group has directly influenced my own choices.

As a policy person, I could not think of anyone better than Chris Drew to be the Policy chief for the next year. Chris has the passion for policy, as well as the oratory skill to communicate the direction of policy for the OYL in the future. I’ve known Chris since the leadership race, and I have found him to be a consummate professional, as well as an extremely polished public speaker. I feel that Chris will use his management skills to revolutionize and enhance the Policy of the Young Liberals for the next year and return them to their Grassroots activism.

As someone who lives in Central Region, I think it is apt that Jonathan Pinto is running for the Central Regional coordinator, Jonathan runs the biggest club in the Central Region in Peterborough, and he has turned them into a powerhouse in the region, in policy as well as big turnouts at OYL events. Jonathan has the organizational skills to run this region, and he is well known and liked amongst his peers.

It is time for the Youth wing to become independent. My biggest complaint in the past has been that the OYL executive was full of insiders who work at Queens Park, and the Premier has made a great decision in prohibiting executives from working at the park. To me this eliminates any conflict of interest, and puts the OYL firmly in the hands of the OYL, as opposed to being the Premiers Office errand boy. In the past, I was tired of seeing the same Queens Park people organize OYL events and run them like they were some sort of exclusive Politburo. This independence will foster a culture of openness rather than elitism which it has reeked off in the past.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

had an epiphany tonight...

I was counseling a young friend on the wisdom of Against me! and the dropkick Murphys, when I suddenly thought....

"You don't truly know politics till you listen to a punk rock song about the Bush doctrine"

I then asked for an expert opinion on the matter of this quote and.....

Warren Kinsella (no network) wrote
at 10:49pm
Sounds about right

I really need to order a copy of Fury's Hour.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday/Corruptus in Extremis

As I write this, I had a thought. Maybe our system is better than the American system. Let's be honest for a second, Obama can talk about change all he wants but he is at the mercy of his big fundraisers. 10,000$ reasons for change my ass, Clinton is no better. Bill is the bagman, and all those people from the nineties are back.

American politics is the most corrupt political process in the western world, dominated by special interest and influence peddling. Before all you Liberals jump on the Barry Bandwagon, think about it. Thats All I am asking. Think about change? Think about the $$$$$. The only candidate that really has interest in campaign finance laws is a Republican.

This day is the culimination is an orgy of spending on campaigning and commercials. Soft money, corporate donations, whoever has the biggest warchest has the biggest chance of winning?

So on the Democrat side, we have a woman who was first lady for 8 years (is that real experience?), and Senator for 7 (voted for Iraq war), against a guy who only ran for the Senate to get the cred to run for president (zero bills authored), after having a part time job in the Illinois legislature. Not exactly inspiring to me, style over experience.

On the Republican side, we have a 71 year old "maverick" senator, against a Governor who believes in creationism, and a former Governor who looks like Wally Cleaver (and is blowing his billions to win as well as flip flopping on just about every issue to get votes).

So who is going to win? who cares?
There is saying that is rather famous...

"Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss"