Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Real St Pauls DSM and AGM.

Another Liberal blogger from St Pauls really dropped the ball when it came to their Young Liberal AGM and DSM.

He missed so many facts, I have to educate the OYL blogosphere on what really happened.

First off, this club was taken over by instant Liberal's. Ryan Dunn signed up a bunch of non-liberals to get them to vote for him, so he could have some credibility at agm when he is giving his speech as to why he should be the OYL Policy director.

Dunn has never campaigned a single poll in this riding, provincially or Federally, and the first event anyone saw him at was the iggy fundraiser in February. Basically OYL beyond is his first ever experience in politics.

Secondly, the OYL beyond team, totally ambushed the incumbant president of the club. Leen Al Zaibak. Leen has been a lifelong Liberal who has given so much to the St. Pauls riding, and to the party herself. Her family is active in both the provincial and Federal party too. As opposed to Ryan, who has done nothing at all for the club. The beyond people unceremoniously took over the club without even informing Leen that they had signed up new members.

Though these tactics are not illegal, they leave a bad taste in the mouth of the real Liberals. The foot soldiers on the campaign trail, who volunteer their time. These new liberals have never put in any time at the riding. After they vote for Dunn, they are done.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the real story. Interesting how David Valentin said that he supported beyond because of the way that they reached out to Leen Al-Zabek after she lost the Metro Coordinator race to Ryan Singh, yet they do this to her and slavishly fawns nothing but praise on them? Same group of people too. What a way to "reach out".

Anonymous said...

David also looses credibility when he states that Ryan AND Chris was there but only reported on what Ryan's plans of action are.
Someone's definitely being USED and majorily dooped

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Jamie. I am not debating the fact that Ryan Dunn is an intelligent and a nice person, but most people did not know he existed within the Liberal Party until extremely recently (coincidence?). For people to say we should see what he has to offer before we judge... there's nothing wrong with that; however, why hasn't he offered anything before?

I agree that canvassing isn't everything, but if you don't come out to important campaigns when volunteers are needed, it says something about where your priorities lie. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, but they will be subject to more criticism when they have been absent during crucial times or act shady during AGMs to decent people.

I definitely see the side of Susan L (as posted below). I'm not going to blame David for his lack of journalism skills, but he is young and it's fairly evident to me that he is being used by the organizers of this team.

It's funny that even the Beyond supporters can't specifically name what Ryan Dunn has accomplished within the Liberals thus far. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Bad moves for Beyond. Bad moves indeed. Those disenfranchised St. Pauls people will find a delegate spot an you better believe they ain't voting for Ryan "I'll show up when there's something in it for me" Dunn.

Anonymous said...

playground tactics of the oyl beyond. maybe when they leave the sandbox people will take them seriously.

From what I know Leen is not even publicelly supporting either side, why wouldn't they tell her of their intention to have ryan run? when something is hidden like that it shows the intention is not pure.....

UWHabs said...

Maybe not the best tactics, but this sort of stuff happens on both sides of the coin. OYL Beyond is trying to steal the spots in St. Pauls, but I've seen some people from the other side try their best to steal the spots in other clubs and ridings.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between winning delegate spots and hi-jacking a club.

Anonymous said...

the question is if the author of this blog was actually there or not... thats right he wasn't even there, so its interesting to see how he can come to conclusions by what he's hearing from others.

Leen herself hasn't said on which side she's supporting and I think she's very much beyond this entire game. She hasn't been a very active president, and everything out of St. Paul's is because of David, he should be the president of both clubs! And if Leen really wanted to be president, knowing of an upcoming AGM, she should've put an effort and said that she wanted to return, but she didn't. I really don't she cares, if she did she would be the one writing the blogs.

i really don't know ryan dunn, however its funny to see how a roots supporter (the author of this blog) supports a group who should be advocating about new oylers, but instead when a new member decides to become active, run for an exec position and take up the responsiblity of running a club they push him down. i think thats sad, and ryan dunn should be given kudos for his efforts, if only we had young liberals like him in all ridings we would have a better oyl. but thats what i think from what i've seen and know about him.

on this blog I believe that the author needs to really open his eyes, and everyone should know that he's obviously supporting one team over another, so he of course will be ignorant to anything else. and most importantly the author here should simply get his facts right. i like how some people take blogs as the truth, its simply this one person's opinion.

david valentin has decided to support one side over another, much like the author of this blog. now should we frown on david, well if we do we should on the author if this blog as well. david has decided to endorse beyond and thats his opinion, and no one else's. if he gets delegates for beyond then good for him, good to see he's not pulling apart some, but doing something positive. i know that many organizers and candidates for the roots team frantically founded clubs in the few weeks before the agm to file delegates - they are even sneaking by dsms just to be able to appoint. i guess this is the game, it happens at every level of the party and we need to accept it. what i'm upset about is this blog's author trashing with out knowing.

i personally will attend the agm in hamilton, and i will be voting by candidate. its obvious who's done what and who derserves to be on the next executive. and on the topic of ryan dunn, i will be supporting him, i will not be voting for a candidate who is a member of the c f s! i hope to meet the candidates i haven't had a chance to speak with yet soon or in hamilton.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to clarify a few things that you got wrong, Jamie.

First of all, I've known Ryan Dunn for several years, and this is not his first foray into politics. Are you somehow equating student politics as not as important as partisan politics? Last time I checked, partisan slates and candidates exist within student politics, sometimes with even more vigor than we as a party show during a campaign.

And as the OYL, isn't our goal to welcome new members, encourage them to run for positions, and get people to rally behind us? Somehow classifying a person as new to the scene and immediately writing them off is a bit too hypocritical. I thought a person like yourself would be a bit more welcoming than that.

What matters in an executive member is the answer to the following questions: Is this person committed to the party? Are they a hard worker and prepared to work hard? Have they done research in advance, so they know what they are getting themselves into?

And for the other anonymous that labeled Ryan as only 'doing things when there is something in it for him' is clearly making a very sharp judgement. If we're going to throw around that term, I think at least ten other young liberals can fall under that.

Lastly, how can you report on an event you didn't even attend?.. so you're using second-hand information to break a story? Wow. How reputable. I'm sure Canwest will have a job for you quite soon.

Anonymous said...

JT, you are so misinformed it's sad. maybe you've also been brainwashed and fed lies by Beyond. i'd rather vote for a socalled member of cfs who has worked hard for the Liberal party, who has been there for every single event, who has been involved for years, who has written policies for the OYL several times, who has brought the club he founded to immense success... rather than someone who hasn't done any of those things or cared to have gotten involved until 2 months ago when he was persuaded and recruited to run.

the only thing dunn has done was be president of his student council years ago. he is living in the past if you've ever talked to him. his student politics involvement is the only thing he ever brings up! you can't have one conversation without him talking about "when i was president at western"... and to think that all was 3 years ago already.

Anonymous said...

my facts are right, I know ryan dunn was the president of the student association at western, and I know chris drew held picket signs against the current Liberal government while standing on the lawn of Queen's Park. and well to be honest, because of this i have a lot more respect for Dunn than Drew any day.

The fact is that there is one candidate who was on the lawn of Queen's Park protesting our provincial government - good or bad OYLers don't need to protest with the CFS to make out point to ministers and the premier! many years of "Liberal work" like canvassing, writing policies for the OYL, or have many years of involvement become irrelevant when you go out and support friends who do lit drops against the the government in places like york south weston.

chris drew is part of the cfs, and i find it said that everything we work for, our hard work for the provincial party is important, and we can't have a person leading our policy when he has close alliances to people who are at the end of the day against us.

i'm not sure what your opinion on the cfs is, if you are Liberal and like them than chris drew is your man, but personally i hate the cfs, and hearing that ryan dunn sue them, and has nothing to do with them places him ahead in my book.

i prefer to have a neutral person who's fresh and can remain impartial rather than a character who has friends in the cfs and is strongly involved with the cfs.

and on a side note i'm not brainwashed by oyl beyond, and i'll actually be voting for a few candidates on the roots team. chemij has proven he knows what it takes to running a riding club, and i think he'll do great things if he wins. also Tetreault has proven his hard work and dedication. and i know Takacs is organized and knows a lot about the oyl for the position she's running in. just a little FYI.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can negate the fact that he has given his entire life to the Liberal party. You could probably go into the Bob Rae office any given day of the week and see Chris there doing the grunt work. On the other hand, I don't know what ryan has been doing except showing up periodically to DSMs or showing up once a week where he knows youth will be to get his face time.

and I find it sad that someone has taken the extremely little piece of Chris Drew and used it against him in a completely faulty arguement. the truth of the matter is (since u are quite misinformed) is that he has time and time again stood up to the cfs and has always put the Liberals at the top of his priorities. ask his riding club that he founded, ask the people he has worked with in these past couple of years, ask the current OYL execs, even ask members of OYL beyond. they will all come to the same conclusion that he has done nothing but support the Liberal party, worked endlessly on campaigns and tirelessly supported the party.

on another note, you are so biased that I believe I now know who you are. There aren't that many people in the liberal party who hold similar views to you regarding chris, so it's fairly obvious at this point. If thats the case, i don't know why you are so bitter but you need to move on from your petty issues.

Anonymous said...

For my part, I will be voting for Chris Drew. As someone who has worked day in and day out with Chris Drew, I find it sad that someone like JT can be so bold as to slander a key member of the OYL family and think they can get away with it.

If the OYL had a problem with Chris Drew they would have never awarded him the Riding Club President of the Year award at the 2007 Summer Fling! (not to mention his club getting the riding club of the year award to boot!) JT is nothing but and ignorant slanderer and if he is so bold as to question the merit of one of the most successful policy writers and advocates the OYL has to boast, then he should do so sans acronyms so that he may stand by what he has said.

As for Ryan Dunn, let us not forget that he has spent the last few years for a lobby firm. You can say what you want about Chris Drew and his involvement with the CFS, his policies (and those of his club) speak to his integrity. But if you ask me how I feel about a lobbyist taking over the policy work at OYL, that I would say is truly alarming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am appalled at the inaccuracies being thrown around in recent posts. You would think that people would do some research on both candidates before hurling insults like a Monday morning quarterback. Ryan Dunn has not been a lobbyist for the last 3 years. He has been working at a not-for-profit think tank doing research and policy analysis, not lobbying. That is clearly stated in his bio on the OYL beyond website.

Jamie Callingham said...

To anonymous, this is coming from multiple first hand reports of people I know involved. I only recieved about 5 outraged emails and text messages about this topic. Otherwise, I wouldn't have commented on it. What is pathetic is how many people are so afraid to take a real opinion or stand and are worrying about retaliation in their political career. Are the people in this that petty? I'm going to say yes, and I can handle this high school mentality.

Student Politics isn't real politics, example at my alma matter they operated as a collective. How many collectives exist in real world politics? How many students actually vote in their elections?

Becoming a president of a riding club or association is very important and should goto someone who is already involved in the club, not a newcomer. So, I am saying get involved, do something, then become a president.

Im not against new people joining the young Liberals. I'm just saying, you need to start at the bottom, not at the top. So don't piss in my ear and tell me its raining.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Chris Drew also given an award by the Ontario Membership of the Liberal Party of Canada at the LPCO AGM in Huntsville just a few months ago....obviously they like him too and want him to stick around

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chris Drew was awarded with Volunteer of the Year.

Anonymous said...

since when becoming a president of a riding club jumping at the top.

a club as limited and unactive as st. paul's doesn't have much to work with from the bottom.

atleast now there's some who will bring some new and fresh ideas.

to be honest i'm sick of how ignorant you are, and how you act like some person to encourage people to get involved and then talk crap about someone. get a life, and act your age - your age that is over 26, no longer an oyler!

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think of having elections staggered so this whole slate business will be less of an issue? Unless those who run in slates feel they can't win on their own....

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine staggered elections working, just based on logistics.

The entire OYL cannot be constantly getting together to elect executive members for many reasons: time, expense, it would never form a solid exec with any sort of lengthy mandate period as executive members could be potentially coming in and out, being switched, which would not be productive, and if slates and alliances were to exist, people would be in a state of constant campaigning, which does not help us further the party as whole. Also, looking back, to even just the last major OYL event, OYL on ice, these slates were already formed (for the most part), so similar issues could arise.

It would be an ideal situation if everyone could take the time to get to know every candidate and vote according to the person, not the slate. I would encourage ppl to have an open mind at the AGM, the teams will speak for themselves. Listen to the speeches, hear out the candidates and make an informed decisions...and then have some fun!

Jamie Callingham said...

staggered elections and 2 year terms would make it much easier for individuals to run. There wouldn't be the intimidation of a slate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jamie, maybe we should try to pass a constitutional amendment on this!

Anonymous said...

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