Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday/Corruptus in Extremis

As I write this, I had a thought. Maybe our system is better than the American system. Let's be honest for a second, Obama can talk about change all he wants but he is at the mercy of his big fundraisers. 10,000$ reasons for change my ass, Clinton is no better. Bill is the bagman, and all those people from the nineties are back.

American politics is the most corrupt political process in the western world, dominated by special interest and influence peddling. Before all you Liberals jump on the Barry Bandwagon, think about it. Thats All I am asking. Think about change? Think about the $$$$$. The only candidate that really has interest in campaign finance laws is a Republican.

This day is the culimination is an orgy of spending on campaigning and commercials. Soft money, corporate donations, whoever has the biggest warchest has the biggest chance of winning?

So on the Democrat side, we have a woman who was first lady for 8 years (is that real experience?), and Senator for 7 (voted for Iraq war), against a guy who only ran for the Senate to get the cred to run for president (zero bills authored), after having a part time job in the Illinois legislature. Not exactly inspiring to me, style over experience.

On the Republican side, we have a 71 year old "maverick" senator, against a Governor who believes in creationism, and a former Governor who looks like Wally Cleaver (and is blowing his billions to win as well as flip flopping on just about every issue to get votes).

So who is going to win? who cares?
There is saying that is rather famous...

"Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss"

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April said...

If sleeping in the same bed as the President of the U.S. for eight years isn't experience, I don't know what is. She sees what goes on behind doors - ok except in the Oval Office when her hubby was getting busy with a certain intern. Tee hee. But in all seriousness, eight years as a First Lady is enough to know the ups and downs of running a country. I've gotta say, I think she's up for the challenge.