Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When to drop the gloves?

The Liberal Party just doesn't know when to drop the gloves and take on the Cons. I think its time to bring it.

Here is my reasoning why?

1) Flaherty has already called out Ontario, Ontario pissed at Flaherty and the Conservative translates into Liberal seats
2) RESP' ect, this bill brought by Dan Mcteague goes right for the biggest voting block in the country, the middle class.
3) I see this as Dion's chance to shine, hit the campaign trail and show Canadians and the media that he is a great leader.
4) The media isn't doing us any favours, but its pro-obama stance is good for the Liberals.
5) the Greens are beating up on the NDP, guess Jack isn't borrowing our votes anymore.
6) Only the Liberals can save us from Flaherty and his budget wrecking abilities.

I think its time to go, time for everyone to get with the program. The longer we hold off, the weaker we will look. It's time to take a stand, and it's time to bring it. I am tired of pundits talking around it, talking about it, and not taking a stand. Its time to draw that line in the sand, its time to goto the polls.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What have I done for the LIberal Party....

I have just been called out by Quito. Yes the man who's name is also the capital city of a country. And he has made a valuable point, which he borrowed from Jason Cherniak. What have you done for the LIberal Party? Are you helping? Are you hurting? Here is what I have done lately.

1) I have joined the chequemate program in my riding, I help out my riding asssociation by giving them a donation each month. Every little bit helps, and every donation is tax deductible.

2) I have joined forum Liberalis, which is located on the Liberal party of Canada's website, everyone else should join this forum as it is a constructive policy instrument for the people and the party to communicate.

3) I canvassed this past weekend in both Willowdale and Toronto Centre, and was very happy with the results.

4) I am the policy chair in my riding association, and will bring at least one policy to the national Biennial convention this year. That is our riding's goal.

5) I have promoted my MP despite some people criticizing him! Dan works hard for the riding, and is a good Liberal despite some small disagreement on social views that are no longer even debated.

6) i fostered debate in the OYL with my blog postings.

I'm not calling anyone else out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

OYL AGM/After the snow has started to melt

It has taken me a few days to get around to writing this, but doing 2 courses and having one week off till June has something to do with that. I decided to wait till the dust settled and everyone's emotions and adrenaline has subsided There are things about this agm, that made me have hope, as well as things that totally disappointed me. So I am going to make this easy, call it the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Overall this AGM saw over 600 delegates cast votes. Not quite the 1000 that were expected to be there, but still double the showing of last year. There were 2 teams, the OYL roots (the grassroots team) versus the OYL Beyond (Queens Park Staffers). It was weird seeing all the Queens Park people on the one team surrounded by "new" Liberals, up against all the OYL stalwarts, who I have known since the Leadership race. For the sake of disclosure, I spent my weekend helping out the Roots campaign. I had a great time working with a dedicated group of volunteers. But I missed the event with Dion, and missed the Friday night speakers due to my arrival time.

In closing, I would like to say that I enjoyed my AGM experience, and that I have made many new friends. I hope the new members of the OYL lend their weight to the coming Federal election, and help us deliver the traditional level of seats we get in Ontario. That is the most important part of this AGM, using our campaign skills to bring us the real deal. In the grand scheme of things, Roots and Beyond is irrelevant, and we must defeat the likes of the Tories and the NDP.

The Good,
The OYL Roots team coming together to take 11 of 16 spots on the executive. This sends a real message to both the LPCO, and the OLP.

Shawn Kerr, for being a good sport.

The passing of the 40 day resolution, I hope my posting on this issue made an impact

I have to give credit to Jacob for swinging enough votes his way, from the 40% or so who were undecided in certain votes. Well done!

The opportunity I had to talk about blogging, and network with various important members of the Liberal community. This I found was invaluable and took my mind off the campaign after hours.

Mary-Rose Brown, and Justin Tetrault for handling their defeat with such grace.

The future of the OYL, keep pushing us, keep up the activist work! The future looks bright!

The friends, new and old who I got to hang out with! We should do this more often!

The Bad

The lack of non-roots people at the George Smitherman party, this is the Deputy Premier people! Unfortunately George cancelled at the last minute, due to the terrible weather, but it was good times nonetheless.

The Speeches, No one really struck me as a charismatic public speaker, including both presidential candidates. Maybe I am holding people to too high a standard? (though Chris Drew shined through with his Chris Drew like performance)

The rumors that were spread around, about people, on both sides, and even at parties. I was told an under-aged friend of mine was drunk and about to be arrested, when in fact he was in his hotel room playing poker!

The Ugly
The total lack of networking between the OYL Beyond and OYL Roots teams. I hope the executive can work together better than the supporters. The New Liberals from the Beyond team didn't seem to understand that we are all on the same team. The animosity was a bit too high for certain groups, and spilled over at a party on the Saturday night.

Seriously people, if I write something negative about you, its because of something you did in politics. Not because I think you are a bad person. Liberals aren't bad people, remember that.

I would like to thank certain memebers of the OYL Beyond team for either giving me dirty looks, or ignoring me. I take this as praise, as in your read this, and you loathed it! Thank you so much. I work at a high school, I can handle that.

The Tension, it was never cut during the Saturday or Sunday sessions, it made people feel like enemies, rather than friends.

The weather, I would rather have been skiing that weekend. It really didn't cooperate at all.

The Results
President - Jacob Mksyartinian
Executive Vice President - Kayla Lewis
VP Federal - Elyse Banham
VP Provincial - Joanna Murrell
Treasurer - Ryan Singh
Communications Director - Zac Spicer
Policy Director - Chris Drew
Recruitment Director - Laura Wiesen
Riding Director - Terry Chemij
Student Director - Magda Drobnicki

Regional Coordinators

Toronto - Jonathan Tsao
Central - Jonathan Pinto
South Central - Deep Chawla
Southwest - Mandy Van Waes
Northern - Joey Montpellier
Eastern - Krista Balsom

Friday, March 07, 2008

Important OYL AGM Constitutional Amendments!

Before casting your votes for the roots, remember to cast your votes for these important constitutional amendments.

One closes Jacob's ratification loophole, and the other creates gender parity.

1) Mandating an OYL Executive Board Meeting 40 Days Prior to the OYL Annual General Meeting

Proposed by: Kyle Mitchell

Rationale: In order to be eligible to send delegates to the OYL AGM a club must be recognized by the OYL at least forty (40) days prior to the AGM. Currently, a club can hold a founding meeting and submit all the proper documentation by that deadline but not be able to send delegates to the AGM if the OYL President does not call a meeting where the club can be ratified.

By mandating that the OYL Executive Board hold a meeting exactly 40 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, it will guarantee that all founded clubs who submit the proper documentation can be ratified by the deadline and ensure maximum participation at the AGM.

Add in the proposed 13.6.1

Proposed Content:

13.6.1 The Executive Board shall hold a meeting exactly forty (40) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

2) Instituting Gender Parity for Delegate Spots to Delegated Ontario Young Liberals Events

Proposed by: Mary-Rose Brown


This amendment brings the OYL Constitution in line with the delegate election procedures of the Liberal Party of Canada and Ontario Liberal Party, which both allocate delegate spots based on gender. Currently, the Constitution allows each OYL student or riding club to elect 15 delegates. This amendment would permit each recognized OYL student and riding club to elect 14 delegates, of whom no more than 7 could be male and no more than 7 could be female. The President of the club would continue to hold an ex-officio spot.

Mandating that delegate spots be elected with a view towards gender will encourage student clubs to recruit more members of both sexes in order to utilize all of their delegate spots. It increases inclusivity and makes it 50% easier, for women especially, to get elected as a delegate.


  • Remove the current 13.4
  • Add in the proposed 13.4 and 13.4.1

Proposed Content

13.4 The following shall be delegates entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Young Liberals:

(a) The President of all recognized Student Clubs and Riding Clubs;

(b) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Student Club;

c) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Federal Riding Club;
(d) Fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Provincial Riding Club;
(e) Three (3) delegates from each federal riding where there is not a recognized Ontario Young Liberal Riding Club, appointed by the Constituency Association President;
(f) Three (3) delegates from each provincial riding where there is not a recognized Ontario Young Liberal Riding Club, appointed by the Constituency Association President;
(g) All members of the Ontario Young Liberal Executive Board.

13.4.1 Of the fourteen (14) delegates elected from each recognized Student Club, Federal Riding Club, or Provincial Riding Club, no more than seven (7) delegates shall be male and no more than seven (7) delegates shall be female.

Vote yes for these amendments, they make the OYL look even more amazing!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Congrats to Dan McTeague!

Today, Dan's private member bill on making RESP's tax deductible passed its second and third reading! This happened despite the Conservative caucus voting against it. Dan had the support of both the BQ and NDP.

This bill will help working parents save up for their children's future University and college careers. So much for the Conservatives caring about working families. Only when it's convenient for them.

For those of you Liberals who see Dan as some sort of maverick. This is the type of under the radar stuff that Dan has done for years. Dan is one of the hardest working MP's in Ottawa, and is extremely well respected in the riding of Pickering Scarborough-east. Keep up the good work.

Also check this website to find tomorrows gas price today.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The issue of Decertification and the subsequent late recertification of OYL riding clubs

This is my fourth post of an ongoing series on the contested OYL election.

At the last OYL executive meeting at OYL on ice, the current president decided to disenfranchise a large number of OYL clubs, but not ratifying their founding meetings in to meet the deadline for the AGM. This move has outraged, and appalled a large number of Liberals in the affected areas, and those who want to encourage the growth of the youth wing of the party.

The following clubs will have no representatives at this this years AGM as their own AGM's were not re-certified by Jacob before the cutoff date for agm. When I talked about an obstinate OYL president, this is the reason why. The following clubs will not send the 15 delegate spots to the agm (only able to send 3), because Jacob cancelled the ratification meeting to get these clubs certified in time.

Ottawa-Centre, Federal and Provincial
Ottawa Orleans Federal
Mississauga-Streetsville, Federal
Guelph, Federal and Provincial
Hamilton-Centre, Federal and Provincial

The president of Ottawa Orleans Federal Young Liberals (who's club had to be founded again due to technical issues), Brenden Johnstone said it best, "I am still convinced that the OYL Leadership held off on having an Executive meeting to ratify re-founded clubs because of the upcoming OYL AGM. You get the impression that Jacob is willing to do nearly anything to retain power. Instead of working with clubs and earning their support, he de-ratifies them, and then refuses to allow them to be ratified in time for the AGM. Jacob knew what he was doing. When he was confronted about the cancellation of the Executive meeting at OYL on Ice (which would have ensured my club and countless others were ratified) he said, “If you don’t like it, talk to the CRO” and then he walked away. This was such a well known and important meeting, that certain members of the Executive, as well as long time OYL members flew into Toronto, only to find out when they arrived that the meeting had been cancelled.”

What does this mean? Basically, these clubs have no voice, and they leave a trail of many disgruntled and disenfranchised Young Liberals. So this means there is potentially a loss of volunteers in the upcoming Federal election in several close winnable ridings. This is not a good move, the more OYL clubs the better. The more OYL volunteers during elections the better. Another even crazier point is that despite these clubs not having AGM’s and being de-ratified, there are clubs in existence, like Trinity Spadina, and my own former club of Pickering Scarborough East that haven’t had agm’s in a couple of years and are still ratified as clubs in the OYL.

Club founding certification should not be moved for personal gain. They should be held to ensure maximum volunteer opportunity and to encourage involvement in great social events like the OYL AGM. Brenden’s executive in Ottawa Orleans had close to 20 members, and his club had something close to 400 people as members. This club should never have been de-ratified. It should be embraced and seen as an example to the other riding clubs. But instead Brenden has no voice at agm, and sends no delegates. How many of Brenden’s members are going to stay at home in the upcoming election and not knock on doors? That is the real question. These are questions that should never have been asked in the first place. As a Liberal, I find this type of action though constitutional, very unprofessional and unbecoming. I believe that the OYL needs to be taken serious and these type of petty moves will not help that. This is why I am a prominent proponent of change.