Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When to drop the gloves?

The Liberal Party just doesn't know when to drop the gloves and take on the Cons. I think its time to bring it.

Here is my reasoning why?

1) Flaherty has already called out Ontario, Ontario pissed at Flaherty and the Conservative translates into Liberal seats
2) RESP' ect, this bill brought by Dan Mcteague goes right for the biggest voting block in the country, the middle class.
3) I see this as Dion's chance to shine, hit the campaign trail and show Canadians and the media that he is a great leader.
4) The media isn't doing us any favours, but its pro-obama stance is good for the Liberals.
5) the Greens are beating up on the NDP, guess Jack isn't borrowing our votes anymore.
6) Only the Liberals can save us from Flaherty and his budget wrecking abilities.

I think its time to go, time for everyone to get with the program. The longer we hold off, the weaker we will look. It's time to take a stand, and it's time to bring it. I am tired of pundits talking around it, talking about it, and not taking a stand. Its time to draw that line in the sand, its time to goto the polls.


Anonymous said...

Flaherty's idea (Harper's), is to make McGuinty look really stupid. This is to get all the votes in the Toronto ridings that just went Liberal. I hope it backfires, but good!

Anonymous said...

Dude... BRING IT ON.

A Eliz. said...

Another reason, is because they are so behind in Quebec nominations, it would make one cry. The Quebec Liberal party is a mess.

Anonymous said...

You may have a point or two but there are a few other things to consider before jumping in butt first:

1) you should never confuse pissing off Toronto with pissing off Ontario - those are two very different entities;
2) with all the other spending promises, adding the RESP cost of a billion (or more) will all have to be folded into a plan that stands independant financial review. Debate over viablility of the funding plan would be a huge problem during an election where the economy is a big issue;
3) you are supposing that Dion is a great leader! I have no doubt about his sincerity and intelligence and will go to the length of saying he has some leadership qualitites, but Churchill, Rosevelt, Napolean and Alexander the Great could be held up as great leaders - Dion .....?;
4) the media's love for Obama is a double edged sword - it is based on his charisma, speaking skills and ability to draw huge audiences --- Dion may not compare as well as you would like;
5) Ture - but they are also taking votes from the Liberals - two of my brothers-in-law are former Liberals now voting Green -did it last election and say they will do it this time ---- this may not be one of those enemy of my enemy etc.; and finally
6) if Chretien or Martin were going to be in charge of the budget I would have no problem with this statement but Dion and Rae are going to have their hands on the levers; I lived through Rae in Ontario and have no trust in the man's ability to balance a cheque book let alone a federal budget and to date I have seen nothing to indicate Dion even understands the economics of Canada, let alone is willing and able to do better.

I happen to be in the camp that wants an election but I have no expectations of his leading the Liberals into the promised land.

Jamie Callingham said...

Flaherty is pissing off all of Ontario Ron.