Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize...

Let me be blunt. We have had a Conservative Government for 2 years. 2 years too long in my opinion. Yet in the midst of the biggest scandal to break from this government, all I see in the blogosphere and the media is Clinton this, Obama that(Barry did this, Hillary did that). Can you all please do me one favour and cut the crap? The worse example is on facebook, a bunch of hack Liberals more interested in a primary, than in defining the future of our nation. We have to define it now as Liberals. The alternative to the Liberal Party is a right wing government that has no respect for Canadians (no real accountability). They have flouted elections law, and their only excuse they have is mindless spin and double talk.

We have to punish these Conservative clowns for their corruption and illegal spending. Then boom, today we find out Jim Flaherty is handing out contracts to his friends to help him write his deficit budget. So Jim didn't tender the contract and hired firms that are Tory friendly. That sounds similar to another scandal. Oh yeah, the one that brought down the Liberal Government.

But oh no, lets get back to Pennsylvania. Let me cut through the bs. In NOVEMBER, yes NOVEMBER, a democrat will win the White House. The Democrats will win control of the house, and yes the Democrats will win control of the Senate. Yes, I will bet anyone a shiny nickel of these outcomes. Also, how would Canadians react if Americans were up here meddling in a Party Leadership race. Thats something to think about....

If an election is called this spring, it will be done by the end of June. Yes our whole campaign will take place by the end of the school year. No endless primaries and endless debates, and endless campaigning. Let's keep hammering the Tories, its time for their inept corruption to end. They want to destroy our country and decentralize it into autonomous regions.

Let us remember, these aren't the Mulroney PC's who were somewhat progressive and respected the institutions of the state. These are the Reformers that are using the blue banner and Canadians are finally coming to see the true nature of this group of individuals.

It's time for the public to hold these people accountable, and you can't find out the facts by watching CNN and going to Obama rallies. If you love Barry or Hilary, do it in private. Stephane and the Liberals need all the public love this time of year. This spring is 100 times more important for Canadians than any American election. Everyday we see new insight into what the Conservatives are capable of and their contempt for the average Canadian. It's time to trust the American's, let our neighbors fix their own lawn, cause ours is in rough shape and we need to take care of business here.



wilson said...

''We have to punish these Conservative clowns for their corruption and illegal spending.''

Perhaps you would like to use the word 'alleged' when you are making accusations.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Base camp, this is LKO. We've got some libel chill moving in up here near the summit off Wilson's Post.