Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cherniak Vs. Kinsella Part 2

Alright, this is getting stupid, between accusing one of not being a party member and showing email's from 2 years ago from a leadership race. Things between Kinsella and Cherniak are getting pretty petty and loserish.

Now, I just created a word called loserish. It's never been used before and I will take credit for it. So Jason and Warren, please don't hold that against me.

But I will continue to post pics of Kinsella fighting Cherniak in the near future as long as this bs continues. I see childish Juvenile antics everyday at work, and the blog world is no place for it. Especially from the 2 most widely read Liberal bloggers.

It will be up to the readers of the blog to decided which combatant is Cherniak, and which on e is Kinsella. But I will continue to post stupid Beavis and Butt-head pics to illustrate how petty and egotistical this spat has become, and how digging up other prominent Liberal's past dealings and private emails is counterproductive to both the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Ontario Liberal Party.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cherniak Vs Kinsella

When I heard about their nasty little spat this image came right into my mind. Associates fighting, but they forgot why, and are exposing each other's dirty laundry.
Boys keep it in your pants please, you both look very unprofessional. Bringing up clients and past dirty laundry is so high school.
My own personal opinion is that if you really want to have it out, please do so in a bar over a pint of something.
You both come across as arrogant and unwielding, um well yeah.
Thats my opinion.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is Harper a true hockey fan?

Hard to say, I know lots of true hockey fans. They pay for tickets to see their favorite team, and they watch the whole game. They don't leave 4 minutes before the game is over. They don't miss the last goal of the game, and they don't miss the 3 stars.

The biggest faux pas by far has to be our Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaving Team Canada's game against Finland before the singing of the national anthem after the game! Now, I have seen previous examples of heads of government watching sporting events and not leaving. During the Rugby World Cup Nicholas Sarkozy watched all of France's games. He was even there in defeat against Argentina and England, and was seen singing the national anthem with everyone else. New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clarke stayed to the bitter end for the All Blacks defeat in Cardiff to France in the 2007 Rugby world cup quarter finals, not leaving early. Though kiwis contend they left the world cup early last year.

Harper claims to be a huge hockey fan and a Canadian nationalist. Leaving the hockey game early really doesn't help this cause. This just goes to show why Stephane Dion is more trustworthy than Harper. If he was a real leader and man of the people he would have stayed to the end, and sang the anthem with the crowd. He is also not a true hockey fan, because we stay to the end regardless of score.