Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The true face of the Conservatives...

The Conservatives and their true colours are starting to show. Yes, we should heed the warnings that yes they admire the Bush Administration, and have taken a simliar tack in terms of both foreign and economic policy.

Look at the collapse of the American economy and look at Flaherty and his lack of care for thousands of jobs lost in Durham Region. Look at the plagiarizing of Harper in 2003, and see how they want to impress the neo-cons in Washington.

Do we really want more of this? Seriously, I don't! I want a government that is accountable to Canadians, ready to lead a strong foreign policy that is respected in the world. Think about this when you voter?

Crikey! These sound Similar!

In journalism plagiarizing stories has caused careers to end, and people's to be shamed in public. This happened years after the articles were written. But journalists have ethics, Conservatives well, they have ethics that are convenient for them at the time.

This is typical of Harper and his ambivalence, which the media has picked up on and has acted as his personal drones in his evil propaganda efforts. Let's be honest, a Liberal government would never copy a speech from a foreign dignitary, they aren't dependent on them for foreign policy.

The staffer who wrote the speech resigned, and the rest of the party agreed with it. It is like Harper and the Tories are essentially sock puppets for the Neo-cons in other parts of the world. Canadian`s don`t need direction from sock puppet loudmouthed cons on foreign policy, and thats what Harper is doing. This should shift the emphasis to Canada`s role in the world in this campaign.

We used to have respect and clout, now we are seen as polluters and sock puppets for the Americans, what has happened? Do Canadians know this? This story has been picked up around the world and discredits an already discredited and corrupt regime.

What to do next? Expose the alternatives, show Canadians the truth. Time is of the essence.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What will the NDP do next?

The NDP has had an interesting week, first with their Marijuana stoner candidate, and then their naked swimming in front of Traumatized teenagers candidate.

Now they are associating themselves with the 911 truth people. You have to wonder what Jack is up to next? Now all this craziness is showing what the NDP is, a fourth party. They represent a fringe, and these views show their extremism. Who are they going to associate with next? Thats the real question?

Take a look at this video, Jason Cherniak found it, and he has his own insight into it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pulling Canada towards Conservatism, that's as scary as the Death Star

When I thought of pulling Canada closer to Conservatism, I immediately thought of the Death Star pulling the Millenium falcon into its grasp in the first Star Wars' movie. Thats how scary these guys are, Ontario learned its lesson, in chaos. Total choas, and destruction of public health, and education. Ontarians were so afraid of these neo-cons they drove the progressive John Tory out of his seat last election.

Then I realized that Stephen Harper was actually describing liberal (some would say neo-liberal) economic policies. In terms of fiscal responsibility. He just totally got it wrong in calling liberal fiscal policies conservative.

The fiscal argument that Canada is more conservative, is silly. Its a semantic debate, if we look at this history of Canada, I specifically remember Sir Wilfred Laurier losing the 1911 election because he wanted reciprocity with the Americans. Because the Conservatives were afraid Canada would be taken over by the Americans. This played well in Ontario.

Selective historical memory plagues Canadians. Free Trade is a far from Conservative idea, in history, Liberals in Canada, all shades of Europeans have endorsed free trade. Claiming small "c" Conservatism in the free market is interesting as well, Liberals were the first to do so in Canada.

But lets be honest, socially, we are much more liberal, Canadians have rights, and by Canadians I mean all Canadians. Not just white males, and people who want to control others. I don't think a majority of Canadians want to take away the status of women office, or the charter court challenges program. Oh crap, the Media has selective memory on that.

Twitter me!

I just discovered this awesome site called twitter, add me to it if you enjoy reading my blog. I will say whenver I update it on twitter! Its a good way to follow the blog, and my election writing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sparrow is indicative of Tories and their campaign

Ryan Sparrow's shocking email and comments to CTV show the maliciousness and desperation which the Tories want to have a majority government. Let me get this straight, he accused a mourning father of his son, who died fighting for his country of playing politics in his son's death. That his Liberal views (not Liberal at all in fighting in Afghanistan) made him a partisan figure, rather than just a man wanting to see the fight that his son sacrificed himself for, end in victory.

That is the lowest thing any Conservative or any Canadian could say to another Canadian. The most interesting part of this, is that the Conservatives until yesterday had some belief in staying till the job is done. They only flip flopped because of public opinion. Mr Evan's disagrees with the Liberal strategy for Afghanistan, yet Sparrow in his idiotic campaign mode has to play the partisan card. His son didn't fight for a political party, or a province, he fought for Canada.

Let's be honest, this is the low point of any Canadian election I have ever witnessed. Their war room is acting like a bunch of drunken poli sci frat boys. Its not funny, notaleader is stupid and totally nothing to do with any real issues or people (its a fantasy). Their campaign tone reminds me of high school type behaviour. Lets talk about issues, and the media has been little to no help in not spinning things accurately. This campaign needs real debate and real coverage, maybe this suspending of the chief of the Conservative Ministry of Propaganda will change things. I seriously doubt it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conservative Media Bias

Today, I caught Politics with Don Newman, and yesterday I watched the Mike Duffy Conservative Hour.

Duffy and Bob Fife spent an hour on Tuesday basically using Conservative talking points to direct their (fox) news show. I watched in horror as they continued to play silly politics, talking about Dion as if they read about him on the Conservative website. The main player in Duffy's con propaganda show is bob Fife, who chimes in all of Harpers talking points, on Tuesday. My jaw dropped ( since I usually watch PTI on TSN after 5) as I figured that this would be a show that might have some journalistic integrity. Instead of journalistic integrity, I watched Duffy try and ambush Michael Ignatieff with some planted questions, which Iggy handled well under the circumstances about the Green shift.

Today on politics with Don Newman, James Travers and Daniel Lesage put in about 10 minutes. They put in about 10 minutes on how Harper's image is so good, and even talking about the clothes he wore at various events. They gave the Cons the free pass on the puffin incident, which has outraged many average Canadians. Newman didn't even blink. The positive on politics was the performance of Michael Ignatieff who talked in real terms, while Jim Flaherty spun his usual Conservative rhetoric and bs on the economy (the economy which has tanked under his watch). But compared to the Mike Duffy Conservative Hour it wasn't that bad.

It would be niced to have balanced media, I think the blogosphere has a role to play in showing inaccuracies and being a watch dog to overly partisan coverage. Though I would definitely cheer lead any pro Liberal bias.

Obama Vs Layton: A tale of the Tape.

So Jack Layton thinks he is Canada's answer to Barack Obama, lets start a comparison.

Jack Layton is a middle aged white man, Barack Obama is about 10 years younger than jack, Barack Obama is also black. Tie, no point in discriminating against Jack.

Jack Layton, never has had a New York Times Best seller. I don't believe he has ever written a book, let alone 2 autobiographies. Barack Obama has a had 2 New York Times Best Sellers, and is considered one of the best writers in the American political scene. +2 for every best seller Barack has had.

Jack Layton, was a fixture in Toronto's debt ridden City council before amalgamation (a pork barrelling body that was always in debt), Barack Obama used to edit the Harvard Law Review, and then went onto become a state senator in Illinois, which seems like a much more prestigious body than Toronto's city council. +2 for Obama, Jack is lucky he isn't -1 for being part of Toronto's City Council.

Barack Obama can draw crowds of 75'000 and hold them in rapture as he delivers articulate and passionate speeches. Jack Layton draws 5o people in front of the Parliament buildings, and goes on to use political rhetoric to new silliness. +7 for Obama, a touchdown at Mile High Stadium

Barack Obama, has Joe Biden as a running mate, a Senator for 30 years, who has decades of experience in dealing with complex issues. If Jack Layton had a running mate, it would be Olivia Chow, who was known for being a city councillor that pissed off the police in the City of Toronto. +1 for Obama, I'd take Biden over Chow any day

Barack Obama offers a nation hope. Jack Layton offers rhetoric, and if we are lucky mustache rides. Obama Wins by 13, Id say thats a landslide Victory, like the one Obama should have in November.

I think its silly to compare yourself to an iconic figure in politics who is truly an outsider. The American Political process is so much different that ours, that I thought Layton was joking when he compared himself to Obama. I have never ever seen Layton talk with the poise, passion, or powerful nature in which Obama does. So Jack, being party #4 in the house, you might want to compare yourself to the Reform party in the states. Comparing yourself to Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader would be a good start.

There is only one politician in Canada, that can bring about the type of change in Canada, that Obama will bring in the States, and that is Stephane Dion. He has the vision, the passion, and poise to be Canada's next Prime Minister, and our relations with the States would be much better with Obama and Dion in power.

I would like to thank this G and M piece for inspiration

Monday, September 08, 2008

First business day on the campaign trail

This is just a quick note to everyone. Especially us Liberals, to get off your butts and get to your nearest campaigning office to help out. Everyone needs your help, in every riding across Canada. Dion came out swinging this morning and set the message for the day.

Yes Stephen Harper is a liar, a desperate one that is willing to say anything to stay in power, and willing to sell out Canada in the process. Look at the amount of partisanship that he has brought to Ottawa, and all the broken promises that came along with it.

The Conservatives have left a trail of corruption and inept partisanship, this has led to the dumbing down of politics in Canada and a general high school like atmosphere in the House of Commons. Their propaganda shows us that the Conservatives think Canadians are stupid. I think Canadians are smart people, who can make their own thoughtful decisions. Not look at flashy advertisements and saying taxes over and over again.

The exclusion of the Green Party in the debates is interesting. I really didn't have an opinion on this and in listening to the pundits, it was safe to assume that Don Newman thinks that Elizabeth May is a Liberal cheerleader. I highly doubt that would happen, and I would bet anyone a fair amount of money that May would have taken some shots at the Liberals.

Tomorrow is an important day here in the east end. Stephane Dion will be attending a rally at Mark Hollands office, with Dan Mcteague, and a couple of other special guests. Dan Mcteague also has a new campaign blog. http://danmcteaguecampaignblog.blogspot.com/ is the place to see what Dan is up to, and to see if he is coming to your area on his Provincial gas price tour.


Friday, September 05, 2008

So much for Fixed election dates...

This CBC report from 2006 talks about Stephen Harper and his goal to have fixed election dates! Well, what a year and a half can do is crazy! Stephen is trying to manipulate the situation by calling this election on Sunday. Harper made a pledge, no, a promise to not manipulate the people of Canada by having fixed election dates. By calling an election, a year before the fixed date, shows Stephen Harper is breaking his promise to the Canadian people.

Do we really want a Prime Minister that breaks promises? I would say no! Stephen Harper is as big a political opportunist as those before him regardless of their stripes. This is the real difference between Dion and Harper. Harper is a politician desperate to hold power, while Dion is a man of principles making a stand to make Canada a fairer, greener place.

These are the real questions of leadership we should ask. Do we want someone to lead for their own power hungry ambition, or do we want someone to lead us to a better Canada? That rhetorical question has a simple answer. Canada needs real leadership. Canada needs a Dion government that would stick to fixed election dates.