Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crikey! These sound Similar!

In journalism plagiarizing stories has caused careers to end, and people's to be shamed in public. This happened years after the articles were written. But journalists have ethics, Conservatives well, they have ethics that are convenient for them at the time.

This is typical of Harper and his ambivalence, which the media has picked up on and has acted as his personal drones in his evil propaganda efforts. Let's be honest, a Liberal government would never copy a speech from a foreign dignitary, they aren't dependent on them for foreign policy.

The staffer who wrote the speech resigned, and the rest of the party agreed with it. It is like Harper and the Tories are essentially sock puppets for the Neo-cons in other parts of the world. Canadian`s don`t need direction from sock puppet loudmouthed cons on foreign policy, and thats what Harper is doing. This should shift the emphasis to Canada`s role in the world in this campaign.

We used to have respect and clout, now we are seen as polluters and sock puppets for the Americans, what has happened? Do Canadians know this? This story has been picked up around the world and discredits an already discredited and corrupt regime.

What to do next? Expose the alternatives, show Canadians the truth. Time is of the essence.

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