Monday, September 08, 2008

First business day on the campaign trail

This is just a quick note to everyone. Especially us Liberals, to get off your butts and get to your nearest campaigning office to help out. Everyone needs your help, in every riding across Canada. Dion came out swinging this morning and set the message for the day.

Yes Stephen Harper is a liar, a desperate one that is willing to say anything to stay in power, and willing to sell out Canada in the process. Look at the amount of partisanship that he has brought to Ottawa, and all the broken promises that came along with it.

The Conservatives have left a trail of corruption and inept partisanship, this has led to the dumbing down of politics in Canada and a general high school like atmosphere in the House of Commons. Their propaganda shows us that the Conservatives think Canadians are stupid. I think Canadians are smart people, who can make their own thoughtful decisions. Not look at flashy advertisements and saying taxes over and over again.

The exclusion of the Green Party in the debates is interesting. I really didn't have an opinion on this and in listening to the pundits, it was safe to assume that Don Newman thinks that Elizabeth May is a Liberal cheerleader. I highly doubt that would happen, and I would bet anyone a fair amount of money that May would have taken some shots at the Liberals.

Tomorrow is an important day here in the east end. Stephane Dion will be attending a rally at Mark Hollands office, with Dan Mcteague, and a couple of other special guests. Dan Mcteague also has a new campaign blog. is the place to see what Dan is up to, and to see if he is coming to your area on his Provincial gas price tour.


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Anonymous said...

re: "to get off your butts and get to your nearest campaigning office to help out"

I am a lapsed Liberal member recently moved to Vancouver center

filled out volunteer form over 2 weeks ago to BC Libs
no response
visited office, spoke with a busy looking guy, left contact info, got his email address, followed up with three e-mails
no response
visited Hedy's website:no info on campaign office location (P.O. box only)
sent Hedy's "volunteer" email address about 6 hours ago
no response