Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Vs Layton: A tale of the Tape.

So Jack Layton thinks he is Canada's answer to Barack Obama, lets start a comparison.

Jack Layton is a middle aged white man, Barack Obama is about 10 years younger than jack, Barack Obama is also black. Tie, no point in discriminating against Jack.

Jack Layton, never has had a New York Times Best seller. I don't believe he has ever written a book, let alone 2 autobiographies. Barack Obama has a had 2 New York Times Best Sellers, and is considered one of the best writers in the American political scene. +2 for every best seller Barack has had.

Jack Layton, was a fixture in Toronto's debt ridden City council before amalgamation (a pork barrelling body that was always in debt), Barack Obama used to edit the Harvard Law Review, and then went onto become a state senator in Illinois, which seems like a much more prestigious body than Toronto's city council. +2 for Obama, Jack is lucky he isn't -1 for being part of Toronto's City Council.

Barack Obama can draw crowds of 75'000 and hold them in rapture as he delivers articulate and passionate speeches. Jack Layton draws 5o people in front of the Parliament buildings, and goes on to use political rhetoric to new silliness. +7 for Obama, a touchdown at Mile High Stadium

Barack Obama, has Joe Biden as a running mate, a Senator for 30 years, who has decades of experience in dealing with complex issues. If Jack Layton had a running mate, it would be Olivia Chow, who was known for being a city councillor that pissed off the police in the City of Toronto. +1 for Obama, I'd take Biden over Chow any day

Barack Obama offers a nation hope. Jack Layton offers rhetoric, and if we are lucky mustache rides. Obama Wins by 13, Id say thats a landslide Victory, like the one Obama should have in November.

I think its silly to compare yourself to an iconic figure in politics who is truly an outsider. The American Political process is so much different that ours, that I thought Layton was joking when he compared himself to Obama. I have never ever seen Layton talk with the poise, passion, or powerful nature in which Obama does. So Jack, being party #4 in the house, you might want to compare yourself to the Reform party in the states. Comparing yourself to Ross Perot, and Ralph Nader would be a good start.

There is only one politician in Canada, that can bring about the type of change in Canada, that Obama will bring in the States, and that is Stephane Dion. He has the vision, the passion, and poise to be Canada's next Prime Minister, and our relations with the States would be much better with Obama and Dion in power.

I would like to thank this G and M piece for inspiration


Anonymous said...

Correction - Layton has written a couple of boring books. So boring, no one remembers.

Obama - confident. Layton, scared to debate a woman.

Layton, never met affordable housing he didn't like, especially for himself...that's what Stornoway means to him. You see, Layton is cheap.

Jamie Callingham said...

hahaha, that was dead on, especially his little affordable housing place.

Anonymous said...

Stephan Dion is just another self serving Liberal who claims that his party is the only one who can run the affairs of Canada. Arrogance at its best!

Layton is nothing more than a union mutt who I will refer to as "Taliban Jack"..the man who wants to climb into bed with the Taliban...gimme a break!