Friday, September 05, 2008

So much for Fixed election dates...

This CBC report from 2006 talks about Stephen Harper and his goal to have fixed election dates! Well, what a year and a half can do is crazy! Stephen is trying to manipulate the situation by calling this election on Sunday. Harper made a pledge, no, a promise to not manipulate the people of Canada by having fixed election dates. By calling an election, a year before the fixed date, shows Stephen Harper is breaking his promise to the Canadian people.

Do we really want a Prime Minister that breaks promises? I would say no! Stephen Harper is as big a political opportunist as those before him regardless of their stripes. This is the real difference between Dion and Harper. Harper is a politician desperate to hold power, while Dion is a man of principles making a stand to make Canada a fairer, greener place.

These are the real questions of leadership we should ask. Do we want someone to lead for their own power hungry ambition, or do we want someone to lead us to a better Canada? That rhetorical question has a simple answer. Canada needs real leadership. Canada needs a Dion government that would stick to fixed election dates.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the past few Liberal prime ministers we have had. Teflon-Jean Chretien and Paul Martin... two of the most incompetent buffoons ever to grace Parliament Hill, leaving behind a legacy of corruption and ineffectiveness. Why is it that Liberals are so quick to jump on something like a fixed election date to say "He's a promise breaker!!" meanwhile ignoring their own shameful recent history. Dion is no more a man of integrity than any other PM hopeful. It is easy to sit back and criticize, promising laws and policies you are not in a position to put into effect. Jack Layton is a great example of this, although I think even Liberals and Conservatives alike can agree he's the worst option of all!