Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sparrow is indicative of Tories and their campaign

Ryan Sparrow's shocking email and comments to CTV show the maliciousness and desperation which the Tories want to have a majority government. Let me get this straight, he accused a mourning father of his son, who died fighting for his country of playing politics in his son's death. That his Liberal views (not Liberal at all in fighting in Afghanistan) made him a partisan figure, rather than just a man wanting to see the fight that his son sacrificed himself for, end in victory.

That is the lowest thing any Conservative or any Canadian could say to another Canadian. The most interesting part of this, is that the Conservatives until yesterday had some belief in staying till the job is done. They only flip flopped because of public opinion. Mr Evan's disagrees with the Liberal strategy for Afghanistan, yet Sparrow in his idiotic campaign mode has to play the partisan card. His son didn't fight for a political party, or a province, he fought for Canada.

Let's be honest, this is the low point of any Canadian election I have ever witnessed. Their war room is acting like a bunch of drunken poli sci frat boys. Its not funny, notaleader is stupid and totally nothing to do with any real issues or people (its a fantasy). Their campaign tone reminds me of high school type behaviour. Lets talk about issues, and the media has been little to no help in not spinning things accurately. This campaign needs real debate and real coverage, maybe this suspending of the chief of the Conservative Ministry of Propaganda will change things. I seriously doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to excuse Sparrow, or even try to. What he said was triple-level dumb, to say the least.

But to take your argument to its logical end, should we assume that the fact that this guy was able to secure a nomination as being "indicitive" of the Liberals' campaign, coming on the heels of LPC candidate who had to apologise for comparing Harper to Hiter?

Jamie Callingham said...

Hello, Conservative troll!

Jason Hickman said...

Hi to you, too. You sure know how to make guests feel welcome. Sorry, I almost always post under my own name, whether I'm at a Lib blog or a Tory blog - I was the author of the comment.

Now that we have (a) your insult and (b) my intro out of the way, how's about you answer the question?

(Oh, and before I forget - if was "trolling", why would I condemn Sparrow's quote to begin with?)

Jamie Callingham said...

Being able to secure a nomination, and running a national campaign is by no way a fair comparison. The nominee was removed, not suspended. Fullard's comments were a strange comparison, in fact they were probably meant to be funny, but fall pretty flat on their face. I don't have an answer for that. I see your point, but when I said indicative was indicative was the partisan overboard attacking, from the notaleader site, and the way their war room has been acting. All they do is say more outrageous lies and are acting like they are desperate to try and attack the Liberals regardless of any principle, or and morals. Thats my point. Comparing a national campaign to 2 candidates, one who made a stupid email, and the other who has resigned is stretching things just a bit too much for me.

Jason Hickman said...

Fair enough - I see your point, though I disagree. As the Tories have found out to our chagrin, a whole campaign can be derailed when a couple of candidates fire off at random.

In other words, people have judged parties and their leaders harshly even when it's just a few of them saying dumb things. One reason for that is that the leader is presumed to be certifying the candidate's fitness to run for office under his/her banner when he/she signs the nomination papers. And in fairness it's not unique to the Liberals - I can't speak for the BQ, but in this election cycle alone (including the lead-up) all of the other "mainstream" parties have had to switch people for one reason or another.

My point, the extent I had one, is that if Harper is accountable for his war-room, Dion's accountable for his candidates.

(As for Sparrow, the technical term may be "suspended", but we'll see if he gets his gig back.)