Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The true face of the Conservatives...

The Conservatives and their true colours are starting to show. Yes, we should heed the warnings that yes they admire the Bush Administration, and have taken a simliar tack in terms of both foreign and economic policy.

Look at the collapse of the American economy and look at Flaherty and his lack of care for thousands of jobs lost in Durham Region. Look at the plagiarizing of Harper in 2003, and see how they want to impress the neo-cons in Washington.

Do we really want more of this? Seriously, I don't! I want a government that is accountable to Canadians, ready to lead a strong foreign policy that is respected in the world. Think about this when you voter?


Anonymous said...

ip I've accounted the societally high ROI 3 year expenditures of all 5 parties; positive externalities like environmental capital costing, R+D, daycare, foreign aid, and mental health + affordable housing programmes to fight homelessness. Rankings are: 1st Greens $172B, 2nd Libs $45B, 3rd NDP $45B, 4th Bloc $15B, 5th Cons $8B.
Ignoring off-the-chart Greens, Liberals have highest environment and R+D totals, NDP best childcare and highest sindustry penalty, and Bloc the best anti-homelessness strategies: http://externalityaccounting.blogspot.com/

Walks With Coffee said...

Mr. Harper is a follower


Anonymous said...

Bunch of Liberal sheep.

The Liberals are not better than the cons. In fact you are worse. You pretend to be left, you act right and you steal and lie your entire time in power.

Vote Jack for ethical leadership.

Anonymous said...

Jack is not ethical at all, he loves affordable housing, living in it.