Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Liberal Silliness....

So I happened to check on liblogs this morning, and 2 things really seemed out of place.

First, Red Tory is demanding to be removed from liblogs for taking on another Liberal blogger in some type of blog war which started over American politics. As usual it was comments that made things worse, and has led Red Tory to want to leave liblogs. I like Red Tory's blog and have been a long time reader, but he did attack another liblogger for their views on American Politics! The problem arises from comments that were left on the blog he was "debating" with, and those comments should have been deleted. The level of attacking was pretty high on both sides, and I think they should have had a more civilzed debate. Red Tory's presence on liblogs makes it a better place, and I would be dissapointed to see him leave the blogroll.

But this leads to my next point. American politics is a backburner issue for me, as we need to focus on the LPC, rather than the Barack Obama lovefest. I do want Obama to win, but I have firmly believed that we should keep our own house in order, rather than focus on the madhouse to the south of us.

Second, Scott Ross seems to think that there is some type of conspiracy theory regarding the election of Stephane Dion as leader of the party. Hate to break it to you Scott, but Gerard Kennedy is most responsible for Dion's victory. Kennedy, and maybe Bob Rae's delegates who were barely on speaking terms with the Ignatieff people. Kennedy was the king maker, not these fake delegates, and bait and switch thing you did.

Politics is a dirty game, and you can't go whining about decoy delegates. If one party at leadership was doing it in 2006, all the leadership hopefuls were. Dragging Adam Miron's good name through the mud is a pretty strange way to rebuild the party. Adam is a Liberal through and through, and has worked tirelessly for the party in his roll as National Director of the Young Liberals of Canada.

From this silliness, I have come to some conclusions. First off, Bloggers have huge egos. Secondly, personal attacks on the internet, should be dealt with properly, and by properly meaning in a professional way. So if someone slandered Red Tory in a blog comment on my blog, I'd probably delete it. Thirdly, complaining about the leadership race of 2006 is silly, and if you have problems with the result you can always invent a time machine and travel back in time to do something about it.

I realize by reading the interesting behaviour of bloggers, that the only thing I take seriously when writing, is my views, and my level of writing. I don't take the personal childish attacks seriously, or the trolls. This is only going to make things more interesting in a Leadership Race. Tempers will flare, camps will be formed and people will get on their high horse. This is an interesting time to be a Liberal, but the only advice I have for other bloggers is to remember to be rational and write in an intelligent fashion.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Political Music, its relevant

This video Rocks, Progressive meaningful music is coming out the United States, mainly thanks to 8 years of Right Wing Government. The Reagan years produced the foundation for modern punk, the Bush years is the evolution of political music into the mainstream.

Against me Rocks......

This Offspring Song rocks "Hammerhead". This video is trippy and the images are interesting, its like they got the guy from some of the Tool videos to do a subversively political message... Its different to say the least...

Re-Education (Through Labor) - Rise Against
The New Rise Against Album is amazing, just listen to the lyrics. I was really unhappy not to see them play in Toronto last time around. I am going next time for sure!

Yeah and last but not least.....

Does Axl really care about democracy in China? Im not sure? do you care?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check out this blog...

In the near future, I will be sports writing again.

Check out my sports blog. Jamie on Sports, for daily updates on the world of sports.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Open Letter to the Leadership Contenders of the Liberal Party of Canada

This is my second open letter to the Liberal Party of Canada. Though this letter is addressed to the contenders who want to take over the job of leader. I hope they read it, and I hope they adhere to some of these suggestions.

To Whom it may concern:

As a grassroots member of the Liberal Party of Canada, I have some concerns about what you are going to do to the party.

First off, you must convince your followers, that they are Liberals first. I don't want any kool-aid drinking, talking point spewing, sycophants who just piss me off and only enrage people who are there for the party. So you must first convince your devoted followers that they are devoted followers of the Liberal Party of Canada, regardless if you win or lose the leadership race. I don't think that is very hard to do.

Secondly, you have to accept that the party requires big changes, and that the party must be change drastically. That means get rid of the old fart brigades that exist in Ottawa and Toronto. All those Liberal "Insiders", basically lawyers on Bay Street who seem to only come out of the woodwork around a leadership race, should be pushed off a proverbial cliff, put out to pasture, and told to put up and shut up. This includes anyone who is in the party because they are related to someone important from 30 years ago, we need young, ambitious people who want to win. Not some old people who are reliving Trudeau's glory years, which is before I was born.

Thirdly, You need to revolutionize the fundraising apparatus of the party, and bring it from the 1970's to the 21st century. The party is broke, and I think any leadership candidate should not run a debt, and donate 25% of their fundraising to the Liberal Party of Canada as a token of their commitment to rebuilding the party and strengthening its foundations.

The Fourth thing you should do, is take the use of the Internet and web 2.0 seriously. This Obama guy down south seems to be onto something in using the Internet in his campaign. I don't want your old fart brigade to ruin this, bring in some young savvy people like me to tell you about these good ideas and concepts.

So if you follow these rules, I think I might be able to help you out. I could write a nice endorsement, maybe even call up some of my friends to buy memberships in the party. I just hope you and your team realize that the party must be united, and must be changed for the better. Let's put the knives away, and play fair.

Yours in Liberalism
-Jamie Callingham

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Open Letter to Liberal Party of Canada and its Membership

To whom it may Concern;

My name is Jamie Callingham, and I write Confessions of a Liberal Mind, the blog. I am also the Policy Chair, for the Pickering-Scarborough East Federal Liberal Association. I am writing this as I feel we need to keep Stephane on as leader. The party needs stability right now. We don't need an expensive leadership race that will bankrupt the Party. The knives may be out, but this is a good time to rid the party of the lazy people resting on their laurels, and who are 20 years behind the time.

What the party really needs is to get rid of all the lazy people at the top, from the campaign chair, who directed a disastrous campaign that lacked any real war room, and who's marketing and messaging were sub par.

If this is the best Harper can do on his not a leader position, good luck to him next time. We must remember not to make any rash decisions that will hurt the party in the long run, for people who are only Liberals to support certain factions and individuals in the party. We need to support the Liberal party as a whole.

These people do not have our best interest at heart, and that is why I feel that Stephane must continue to be at the helm of the party, looking our for us Liberals who are here regardless of who is a leadership contender. I hope you pass this message on to the leader, and the message I am conveying from the people out in the grassroots.

Yours in Liberalism
-Jamie Callingham

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disapointed, but not surprised...

The NDP Bloggers have decided to be the Ralph Nader's of this election, and say that strategic voting is only good if its for the NDP. This is basically Parroting their leader, and putting the NDP ahead of the greater good of Canada. Putting signs up for the NDP in a riding where the candidate has resigned like Durham is one of those selfish moves.

In most parts of Ontario, the left vote split hurts the Liberals, and allows the NDP to finish an awesome 3rd in most ridings outside of Toronto and Hamilton. In Saskatchewan, it's the Liberals that run 3rd, same in Manitoba. These are the ridings where strategic voting is in play. Now, I am not going to even address those ridings where it is a big fight between the NDP and the Liberals, because those tend to be the nastiest races in the country. From looking at the history in Trinity Spadina, the sign damage in Hamilton Mountain, and the vandalism in Parkdale High Park show some real strange behaviour, which I find unacceptable.

This type of short sightedness and the cult of Jack people are putting the NDP nowhere in most parts of Ontario, and thats where most of the bloggers are from. I agree with Scott Tribe, and his assessment on the chances of the Liberals in parts of the prairies and some western ridings. I am just lucky to live in Pickering-Scarborough East where we are safely in the drivers seat with Dan McTeague and the gas prices for tomorrow today. Where I don't have to trade any votes with anyone, and I am picking the most competent in terms of advocating for my community.

So before you leave tonight go check out the, they are unbiased towards any single party. I think thats the best way to go if you are in a battleground riding.

good luck to all

Think about the economy before you vote?

Think about gas prices, think about those manufacturing jobs lost today. Think about the fundamentals of the economy?
Are they strong?

Are they weak?

Think about how each party wants to steer the economy? Think of how the Conservatives have ignored problems till they were obvious to everyone?

Its a clear choice.

I know who I am voting for. In Pickering-Scarborough East, Dan McTeague gets my vote. He will represent us well in Ottawa.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Strategic Voting

This is a call to you people that live in those places where there is a 2 horse race. The People in Durham Riding, the people in Muskoka-Parry Sound, the residents of Barrie. It time to swallow your pride if you are a progressive and vote for the party that best represents a better Canada. In most of these swing ridings I would urge you to vote Liberal. Do you want more of this? Seriously? In Ridings where the Liberals are a distant third, well you might want to trade your vote with someone else in another part of the country.

Voting Strategically has its place, and the ridings I just gave as examples are ridings where the Liberals finish second due to the vote split. In areas where the Liberals are a distant third, I would suggest voting for a party besides the Liberals and not the Conservatives.

Elizabeth May said it best, she wants what is best for the country. Not what is best for her own ambition, she called Jack Layton out, and I agree with her that Jack Layton is obsessed with power, at the cost of the country. A vote for the NDP in most of these battleground Ontario ridings outside of Toronto will be a vote for the Conservatives.

The importance of this election and the candour with which May seems to understand show that she is my choice in the Riding of Central Nova. I hope she unseats Peter McKay who has only acted like Harper's lackey since the merger of the PC's and Reform Party.

So think hard, and visit the prediction and voting sites if you are an undecided voter. Vote with your mind, not your heart. We must get rid of these neo-conservatives tomorrow!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Canada's Tory Voice!

You know how they have the celebrities around the CTV logo, touching it or playing with it. We could have the sheep from Scott Tribe's logo, going bahhhhhhhh.

Just remember when watching CTV, its Canada's Tory Voice.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last weekend push

Its only 3 days till the election, and we are in a genuine horserace despite the Conservative attemps through the Mike "Biggest Conservative Cheerleader Ever" Duffy. Warren Kinsella puts the ATV interview in a great context, with Bart the fish, and I've never been asked a question at a job interview if I had the job today, What should I have done 2 weeks ago?

The Cadman Tapes are unaltered
! Yes, the truth has finally come out, and the tapes of the Conservatives were not altered despite the accusations and smeaing by the Con propaganda machine! Yes, Harpers own expert says that the tape is not altered despite Harpo and friends saying it is a Liberal Conspiracy!

I found this great site yesterday about Jack Layton and his team. Jack's team highlights the level of candidates the NDP seems to get. The NDP seems to attract candidates with crazy and extremist views, from the 9/11 Conspiracy people to those who want to get naked in front of teenage girls the list seems to go on and on. I think every voter choosing between the Liberals and NDP should have a look at this, as local representation is just as important as the leader you want to vote for. How many other skeletons are in the NDP's closet? And is there any accountability in the choice of candidates by Jack Layton?

There you have it, my first post in a few days. My dog got incredibly sick this week, and she is currently making a full recovery. She is a 6 year old Yellow Lab, who is looking to make a full recovery.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Notes

From the look of the polls, the Liberals are back in the fight. Right now it is time for the Liberals to focus on their team. To show that we have the best people to form the best government. 5 points is barely a lead, and its time to close the gap. I hope the central campaign has some good ideas.

It's going to be a scrap and fight to the finish, but the Liberals have what it takes to win. Let's hope the Tory platform is typical trickle down economics and that this can further help the voters shift to the Liberals. Hopefully more Canadians will see the true colours of Harpernomics in the next 2 weeks, and show their disdain at the ballot box.

Secondly, I invite all of you to attend Dan McTeague's Online townhall. This will be streamed live from , in video. Dan will be talking questions, from those who sign up for the website. This townhall will run from 8pm to 9:30 pm, and shows how this candidate has embraced web 2.0. I believe this is one of the first online town hall's ever done in Canada, for a political format.

Some Hockey Analogies on the Debate

Warren Kinsella had a cool hockey analysis on the debate, so I decided to call him on that with my own hockey analogies. I think comparing hockey to politics is cool.

I thought Elizabeth May was the one all over the ice, I thought she gave Harper a good elbow in the crease, and Steve Paikin just totally let it go on a number of occasions. Much like hockey officiating late in the playoffs. May played like she had nothing to lose, total fire wagon debating in my mind. Her knowledge of issues in the Atlantic provinces show she is serious and well read and would represent Central Nova Riding very well.

Layton didn't really do anything for me. He seemed more like a small agitator playing looking for the captaincy of the team. For some reason I have trouble taking this man seriously as a player, being his seriously weak bench, and seriously wild promises which make no sense. Totally reminds me of Darcy Tucker, last season for the Maple Leafs.

Dion didn't overwhelm or underwhelm, I'd say he was a solid stay at home defenceman who had a couple of blasts from the point. Dion got his message across, and communicated the Green Shift very well. He was clear and concise, and impressed me with his passion. He was poised and didn't panic and his english was nowhere near as bad as some pundits put it out to be. But he was not the MVP as Cherniak seems to think.

Harper was the goalie, under siege on a PK the whole game. But seemed fairly calm, and gave some good excuses when the puck was in the back of the net. But like most goalies he had a strained look during those times where it was just an attack on his platform. It was like Harper was running on his record, in my mind a very mediocre record. I think he needs a new goalie coach. He did get one really good hack right on the back of Layton's legs, on the private health care comment. So much for being a proletariat Jack!

Duceppe to me played like one of those floater type forwards, only in it for offence, not backchecking, only taking easy rushes and 2 line passes to get a breakaway on Harper. He had some good chances but it was a half hearted effort as Duceppe had put in his A-game last night.

thats my take

Disclaimer: Jamie Callingham is a big Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Most Practical Part of the Green Shift

Despite the rhetoric and the complicated nature of the green shift there is one section that helps Canadians, and is very simple to explain.

Fist off, Gasoline is exempt from the Green Shift. It is a total fabrication and lie, that the price of gas will go up in this plan. The Journalists who have never read the green shift should ask Mr Harper, why he is lying about taxing gasoline. On Page 28 of the green shift it is clear to me that the zero percent tax on gasoline helps Canadian families more than any other plan. Also, the price of gas has risen excessively in the past 18 months under Tory rule. The only thing they did was eliminate the office of Petroleum Pricing Information.

Secondly, let me cut and paste page 31 of the Green shift.

Price vigilance
Gas price increases are due to many factors, including restricted supply. There is also an increasing international demand on oil supply, as emerging economies such as China and India increase their own rates of consumption.
We also know Canadians are frustrated with spiralling energy costs and the lack of information and justification that often accompanies these increases. Canadians deserve clear and complete information and the provision of such information will make the market place fairer and more transparent. To accomplish this, we will restore the federal Office of Petroleum Price Information to monitor energy price fluctuations and provide clear, current information to Canadians. Work on the creation of this office was started under the previous Liberal government but was shut down by the
Conservative government. The Minister of Natural Resources will be accountable to Parliament for the Office.
Canadians are also concerned about the possibility of anti-competitive behaviour affecting energy prices. To allow for more effective enforcement of the Competition Act, we would examine introducing a dual-track approach to the criminal conspiracy provisions of the act to allow for a civil law regime to work beside the existing criminal law regime. The high criminal burden of proof currently contained in the Act makes properly prosecuting anti-competitive activity or price manipulation extremely difficult. A more reasonable civil standard of proof and will make successful prosecution more realistic and will help protect the consumer.

I posted this to cut through the BS, and show Canadians that the price of gas will not be taxed anymore, and that the Green Shift will take the oil companies to task. Its time for an honest debate, its time for the Conservatives and the media to be honest and actually read the green shift.

The Liberal plan on gas, as communicated by Dan McTeague, offers Canadians a hope, that they won't be gouged. The Liberal plan offers Canadians transparency and honesty from the Oil Companies (not a toothless Ombudsman like the NDP).

This is the opposite to the Conservatives who have acted like puppets of big oil. They have shrugged off the excessive high prices paid by Canadians at the pumps, and continue to pay lip service to average Canadians, while rolling out the red carpet for the oil lobby. Once again, I have to say; Do we really want more of this?

Here is Dan McTeague's video on gas prices, and the Liberal solution to this problem.

Websites I personally recommend

The Liberals online strategy is looking stronger. There are some good efforts going out there and we need to show everyone where to visit.

First off is, a site put together by the Dam McTeague campaign team in Pickering-Scarborough East, asking the Conservatives to have an honest debate, in a v-log form. You can even submit videos to team McTeague on which issues you think we need to keep the Conservatives honest to.

Secondly is, a flashy site showing how Stephen Harper is closely following his ideological brothers, the republicans in the United States. This site shows that Stephen is taking all his cues from the Red State team, and asks Canadians, do we really want a Bush II? Seriously do we? I don't.

The third and final site, which I think shows the most flaws in the Conservative Party is, this site shows how the Harper Conservatives play fast and easy with the economy, and even badmouth our industrial heartland. We are taking the Cons to task where the media has fallen asleep at the wheel. Lets not forget income trusts, Flaherty's statements on Ontario, and the massive spending without responsibility this government has put together. I urge you all to take a look at these Liberal sites, and see for yourself what the Conservatives are up to.