Sunday, October 12, 2008


Canada's Tory Voice!

You know how they have the celebrities around the CTV logo, touching it or playing with it. We could have the sheep from Scott Tribe's logo, going bahhhhhhhh.

Just remember when watching CTV, its Canada's Tory Voice.



Anonymous said...

Wednesday morning Dion will be back in the land of fairies, lollipops and unicorns, staring out the window with a blank look on his face while mumbling something that only he can hear.

Anonymous said...

Just remember when watching CTV, its Canada's Tory Voice.

And just remember when watching CBC, its Canada's Liberal Voice.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it's not Scott Tribe's logo. It was created by pale at A Creative Revolution. There's a link at Scott's place.

Glad you like it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Steve, I realize that you Liberals don't have many electoral reasons to be thankful these days, but at least try not to be so bitter.

Leave it too the dim bulb lycan to not be able to craft a saying that actually incorporates the letters.

I don't have too, Steve. The CBC already demonstrates its allegiance with the appropriate colour. :D

Jamie Callingham said...

CBC Logo is silver.