Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disapointed, but not surprised...

The NDP Bloggers have decided to be the Ralph Nader's of this election, and say that strategic voting is only good if its for the NDP. This is basically Parroting their leader, and putting the NDP ahead of the greater good of Canada. Putting signs up for the NDP in a riding where the candidate has resigned like Durham is one of those selfish moves.

In most parts of Ontario, the left vote split hurts the Liberals, and allows the NDP to finish an awesome 3rd in most ridings outside of Toronto and Hamilton. In Saskatchewan, it's the Liberals that run 3rd, same in Manitoba. These are the ridings where strategic voting is in play. Now, I am not going to even address those ridings where it is a big fight between the NDP and the Liberals, because those tend to be the nastiest races in the country. From looking at the history in Trinity Spadina, the sign damage in Hamilton Mountain, and the vandalism in Parkdale High Park show some real strange behaviour, which I find unacceptable.

This type of short sightedness and the cult of Jack people are putting the NDP nowhere in most parts of Ontario, and thats where most of the bloggers are from. I agree with Scott Tribe, and his assessment on the chances of the Liberals in parts of the prairies and some western ridings. I am just lucky to live in Pickering-Scarborough East where we are safely in the drivers seat with Dan McTeague and the gas prices for tomorrow today. Where I don't have to trade any votes with anyone, and I am picking the most competent in terms of advocating for my community.

So before you leave tonight go check out the www.voteforenvironment.ca, they are unbiased towards any single party. I think thats the best way to go if you are in a battleground riding.

good luck to all

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Jean Proulx said...

Dear Jamie,

I am a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada and of St├ęphane Dion. I was very inspired by the classy, substantive campaign that Mr. Dion ran during the election. Although our party did poorly I feel this was not so much a reflection on Mr. Dion as on a number of other factors (lack of election preparation due to snap election; internal dissension within the LPC, collusion between Stephen Harper and Jack Layton against Dion, negative advertising, the politics of fear, etc.)

Now that the election is over and loyal Liberal volunteers are exhausted and inattentive, certain "un-named senior liberals" aided by a hostile right-wing media are trying to force Mr. Dion out of his leadership position without even giving a chance for ordinary Liberal members to consider whether this is in the interests of our party or Canadian democracy. They present this as a fait accompli. They say that Mr. Dion is isolated and finished politically. What they do not realize though is that Mr. Dion is NOT isolated. Grassroots Liberals were energized and inspired by his campaign, by the Green Shift, by his refusal to play politics as usual. We do not believe that engaging in another self-destructive round of LPC leadership politics will serve our party or the country well. What we need to do now is to serve Canadians by concentrating on our role of official Opposition. We need to think seriously as a party about why we lost this election and how we can better organize ourselves to win the support of Canadian voters next time. We will not let this leadership coup succeed without being heard from.

Go here to learn more about what we are doing and to join the revolt: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40161095228&ref=mf

Best regards,
Jean Proulx