Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Liberal Silliness....

So I happened to check on liblogs this morning, and 2 things really seemed out of place.

First, Red Tory is demanding to be removed from liblogs for taking on another Liberal blogger in some type of blog war which started over American politics. As usual it was comments that made things worse, and has led Red Tory to want to leave liblogs. I like Red Tory's blog and have been a long time reader, but he did attack another liblogger for their views on American Politics! The problem arises from comments that were left on the blog he was "debating" with, and those comments should have been deleted. The level of attacking was pretty high on both sides, and I think they should have had a more civilzed debate. Red Tory's presence on liblogs makes it a better place, and I would be dissapointed to see him leave the blogroll.

But this leads to my next point. American politics is a backburner issue for me, as we need to focus on the LPC, rather than the Barack Obama lovefest. I do want Obama to win, but I have firmly believed that we should keep our own house in order, rather than focus on the madhouse to the south of us.

Second, Scott Ross seems to think that there is some type of conspiracy theory regarding the election of Stephane Dion as leader of the party. Hate to break it to you Scott, but Gerard Kennedy is most responsible for Dion's victory. Kennedy, and maybe Bob Rae's delegates who were barely on speaking terms with the Ignatieff people. Kennedy was the king maker, not these fake delegates, and bait and switch thing you did.

Politics is a dirty game, and you can't go whining about decoy delegates. If one party at leadership was doing it in 2006, all the leadership hopefuls were. Dragging Adam Miron's good name through the mud is a pretty strange way to rebuild the party. Adam is a Liberal through and through, and has worked tirelessly for the party in his roll as National Director of the Young Liberals of Canada.

From this silliness, I have come to some conclusions. First off, Bloggers have huge egos. Secondly, personal attacks on the internet, should be dealt with properly, and by properly meaning in a professional way. So if someone slandered Red Tory in a blog comment on my blog, I'd probably delete it. Thirdly, complaining about the leadership race of 2006 is silly, and if you have problems with the result you can always invent a time machine and travel back in time to do something about it.

I realize by reading the interesting behaviour of bloggers, that the only thing I take seriously when writing, is my views, and my level of writing. I don't take the personal childish attacks seriously, or the trolls. This is only going to make things more interesting in a Leadership Race. Tempers will flare, camps will be formed and people will get on their high horse. This is an interesting time to be a Liberal, but the only advice I have for other bloggers is to remember to be rational and write in an intelligent fashion.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. It's always a choice to use one's "powers" for goof or for, well, nasty, wastey, silliness.

KC said...

I can see why Red would want off. L4ever allowed commenters to post highly personal attacks against RT. Whatsmore the person Red Tory wants removed continues to be a Liblogger is a disgrace. He is emphasizing Obama's middle name for who knows what purpose. How anyone calling themself a "Liblogger" can support a far right Republican ticket is beyond me.

Militant Dipper said...

This has nothing to do with the American election and eveything to do with the libelous comment which have been allowed to stand. This isn't bickering between two bloggers. this is about one blogger, Lib4evr allowing false rumours to be spread against someone using their real name. If Red quits and that retard is allowed to stay then everyone is the loser for it.

Joseph L. Angolano said...

Well said, man, as usual. Couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

The situation doesnt look too good on Jason either if what Red said in the comments is accurate.

The Mound of Sound said...

If RT wants to leave, it hardly lies in the mouth of any Lib to criticize him for that. Read this other "liberal" blogger's garbage. There's no way he belongs on this site, none whatsoever. I'm going to have to give this some thought but I'm thinking if Red goes maybe I should too.

Red Tory said...

This fellow can say whatever he wants about the US election. That's not actually what concerned me. It was personal attacks (in fact libelous statements about my personal life — complete fabrications from an "Anonymous" commenter that this individual would not remove). My beef with Liblogs is that I asked that he be removed because of that and they did nothing. Yes, I suppose it's "silly" but you might think differently Jamie if someone was inventing stories about you and your family and then threatening to spread them all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask though...why did you post the "Stupid4evr" thing in the first place, Red?

Did you think it was funny? Did it make you feel superior?

I don't generally read your blog, Red, but with all this hullabaloo going on I had to have a look.

You actually strike me as a bit of an arrogant pompous ass. As well, certain regular commentors on your blog are absolute twits.

You may very well have been wronged, but perhaps you may want to look at your own house before casting stones. said...

Do you want some delegate names who have admitted this is more then just a theory?

You criticize me as relying on a conspiracy theory but never once did you argue against any substance, nor did you inquire about my post.

You can treat my post lightly, but in how you wrote on it here clearly shows you seek to undermine the image of my post and not its substance.