Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last weekend push

Its only 3 days till the election, and we are in a genuine horserace despite the Conservative attemps through the Mike "Biggest Conservative Cheerleader Ever" Duffy. Warren Kinsella puts the ATV interview in a great context, with Bart the fish, and I've never been asked a question at a job interview if I had the job today, What should I have done 2 weeks ago?

The Cadman Tapes are unaltered
! Yes, the truth has finally come out, and the tapes of the Conservatives were not altered despite the accusations and smeaing by the Con propaganda machine! Yes, Harpers own expert says that the tape is not altered despite Harpo and friends saying it is a Liberal Conspiracy!

I found this great site yesterday about Jack Layton and his team. Jack's team highlights the level of candidates the NDP seems to get. The NDP seems to attract candidates with crazy and extremist views, from the 9/11 Conspiracy people to those who want to get naked in front of teenage girls the list seems to go on and on. I think every voter choosing between the Liberals and NDP should have a look at this, as local representation is just as important as the leader you want to vote for. How many other skeletons are in the NDP's closet? And is there any accountability in the choice of candidates by Jack Layton?

There you have it, my first post in a few days. My dog got incredibly sick this week, and she is currently making a full recovery. She is a 6 year old Yellow Lab, who is looking to make a full recovery.


penlan said...

What was your dog sick with? Glad to hear she is recovering well. Scary stuff when your "pal" gets sick. I know. I've been there.

Jamie Callingham said...

She had colitis, very sick, had to be hooked up to an IV.

penlan said...

Oh, that's terrible. Is this an ongoing condition? It is in humans but I don't know if it is for dogs.

Hopefully she will fully recover.

Jamie Callingham said...

She is almost eating back to a normal appetite now, and is jumping up on people like she used to. She is about 80%.

penlan said...

Sorry for the delay Jamie. Just wanted to say that I'm happy she is doing so well!