Thursday, October 02, 2008

Websites I personally recommend

The Liberals online strategy is looking stronger. There are some good efforts going out there and we need to show everyone where to visit.

First off is, a site put together by the Dam McTeague campaign team in Pickering-Scarborough East, asking the Conservatives to have an honest debate, in a v-log form. You can even submit videos to team McTeague on which issues you think we need to keep the Conservatives honest to.

Secondly is, a flashy site showing how Stephen Harper is closely following his ideological brothers, the republicans in the United States. This site shows that Stephen is taking all his cues from the Red State team, and asks Canadians, do we really want a Bush II? Seriously do we? I don't.

The third and final site, which I think shows the most flaws in the Conservative Party is, this site shows how the Harper Conservatives play fast and easy with the economy, and even badmouth our industrial heartland. We are taking the Cons to task where the media has fallen asleep at the wheel. Lets not forget income trusts, Flaherty's statements on Ontario, and the massive spending without responsibility this government has put together. I urge you all to take a look at these Liberal sites, and see for yourself what the Conservatives are up to.

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