Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Endorsement for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Just about every blogger has already declared who they are supporting for leader, so I have decided to end my political blogging embargo for the near future. I believe that the Liberal party needs grassroots renewal and a team that is ready to win the election now.

I decided this time around to go with my head, rather than my heart (last time I supported Gerard Kennedy). I feel that Michael Ignatieff is the man, best fit for the job to lead the Liberal Party back into government.

Despite my numerous criticisms of his campaign team, and his delegates during the last leadership race. I feel that Michael has grown leaps and bounds from 2006, and has used the position of Deputy leader to become one of the strongest members in the House of Commons. I also believe that losing the 2006 leadership race was the best thing to happen to Michael, it forced him to reach out to the non-iggy Liberals, and it allowed him to talk to grassroots members of the party since becoming Deputy Leader.

I also believe that Michael is the most electable choice for the country in the next election. I feel that he has the name power, that Dominic Leblanc lacks, and doesn't have the stigma that Bob Rae brings to the 416/905 belt from his years as Premier of Ontario. This is the honest truth, and in tough economic times, the media will go over all of our candidates and their plans with a fine tooth comb, and this is where Michael's advantage will really shine.

These are just a few of the points which i bring to the table. Feel free to agree or disagree, but I will be supporting Michael for leader.



Oxford County Liberals said...

I don't know if 18 blogs (which is what it comes to with your endorsement) qualifies as "just about every blog", since there are a lot more blogs then that on Liblogs ;)

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing given your virulent tirades during the OYL race and Alexis Levine's (MI's Ontario campaign manager) (so I've heard) heavy involvement in that race (for OYL Beyond) that we see this endorsement today.

Do you take back now what you had to say about that race? Shouldn't you? Have you apologized?

Oxford County Liberals said...


Could you point to which posts Jamie did that you considered "virulent tirades" over the OYL race? Because, I didn't see it (then again, I was in fair agreement with Jamie on much of what he said during that time frame).

In addition, Jamie supporting Michael Ignatieff and his not supporting the OYL Beyond slate seem to me to be 2 separate things, unless you want to state that everyone in Michael's camp and Michael himself supported OYL Beyond.

In_The_Centre said...


As a fellow supporter of Ignatieff, welcome and thank you for the genuine endorsement. Lets hope Ignatieff does better this time around


Anonymous said...

Ok Scott "virulent tirades" was too strong, I apologize, but I do point you towards four notable posts here:





I'm not saying MI had anything to do with that campaign, in fact I'm pretty sure he didn't. But the ethics of the people who you choose you run your campaign in the largest province does matter at least to some people.

I would be surprised if Alexis Levine could credibly deny making phone calls on behalf of OYL Beyond (slagging the OYL Rooots candidates, calling them "Kennedy supporters" as if that was derogatory, trying to get riding Presidents to appoint people to support OYL Beyond etc...) and being involved in other ways in that race. Alexis was MI's Ontario campaign manager in 2006 and I believe he's still MI's Ontario campaign manger. Some people would say what Alexis is alleged to have done in that race was ethical, others not and would feel it was justified and the right thing to do. But Jamie said at the time it wasn't the right thing to do.

And to some people it's a question of ethics whether you should choose to work with someone who went to bat for a group Jamie implied were unethical.

It's Jamie's choice to make, I just wonder if he's apologized and made amends to the people he slagged during that race and had an about face about the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

These statements are all based on what I've heard from Jamie and others on that side. I thought they were over the top at the time and didn't believe everything I heard.If those statements are shown to be false well then I guess I shouldn't believe certain people and apologize. But then maybe Jamie should too (or maybe he has I dunno). But again I in no way believe MI had anything to do with that race or anyone else on his campaign, I've only heard of one, maybe I'm making more of it than necessary, but just was shocked to see Jamie's decision today. I figured he'd go to LeBlanc honestly.

Jamie Callingham said...


I don't think this has anything to do with the OYL, and Alexis and co got beat bad by Telegdi.

Secondly, I have nothing to appologize for, those were some of my best posts.

Thirdly, this isn't high school, I am not appologizing to people. I don't hold these thigs against people. This is politics, and we have to be adults, and not worry about OYL stuff.

Lastly, one of the reasons I went with Michael is because his team was the only one that showed any interest in recruiting me. No one else even sent me a facebook message. I was happy to hear from them, and to have them listen to my critiques.

hope that clears up some things.

Anonymous said...

I see you've adopted the Warren Kinsella "they asked me" approach to picking leadership candidates. If only Gagliano had called first!

Oxford County Liberals said...

Well anonymous, it's obvious you have an axe to grind, and thats been left over from the OYL race. I presume that's why you're taking shots from behind a cloak of anonymity. Why not reveal who you are - what's the big deal whether you disagree with Jamie's stance or not?

Anonymous said...

Scott: Don't confuse anon's. The last anon was not me. I'm the one who made the OYL-related comments. And truthfully I'd say Jamie's response is pretty good. And I'm surprised actually that neither Rae nor LeBlanc (especially LeBlanc) didn't reach out to you, they are obviously poorly staffed.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Frankly, it doesn't matter to me which anonymous person it was.. as my comments applies to both and/or all. Are you that scared of Jamie that you can't put a name to your comments?

It's as bad as all these "anonymous Liberals" who Jane Taber's been quoting the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I leave this as a gift. I don't know what made me laugh harder– this Huffington post or your assertion that Ignatieff has changed since 2006.