Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spinning the wheels and the mud just flies

This is a continuation from my post this morning....

Its time to be honest. This political funding issue is just a giant smokescreen for the Tory Government, and it can only benefit them. Lets get to the crux of the issue, Jim and Stephen have spent themselves into a tizzy, and have brought this Mulroneyesque budget deficit onto themselves.

So to hide the fact that they are incompatent managers of the Canadian economy, they cry foul that the world economy has affected this financial situation, when this situation was caused as usual by Tory stupidity. its a smart bait and switch move, lets be honest. And we need to show the public what the Tories are up too. The Canadian budget is barely affected by 20 million dollars in funding to political parties. This will only cause more jobs to be lost ( even though they are political ones).

We have to ask about this update, where is the help for the average Canadian? Why aren't they doing anything for those workers who have recently been given the pink slips? What are they going to do to help?
This isn't a debate about action on political funding, its about the Tories and their tactics. IF they want to gety dirty, we should expose their true mean spirited ways and their lack of ability to manage the government.

Thats the truth of the matter, not this mud and smoke about Political funding. That is the bait and switch they want everyone to focus on. Let's focus on the truth to start, and then make sure democracy is strong after. After reading my last post, some of my points are a tad redundent.

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WesternGrit said...

Conservatives have always frightened the common man with "big numbers". They throw about numbers like "one million dollars" (which will barely buy a family home in Greater Vancouver), when they squander Billions...