Friday, December 19, 2008

30 Billion reasons the Tories can't run the government

Stephen Harper is an "economist". Yes, he has a masters degree in economics, but his lack of grasp on the economy and spending and understanding the market has me wondering what kind of economist is Harper.

His statements make no sense, and if we took his stock advice, well we would be even more broke than before. Its proven now that he has no plan, lowering the GST only created a deficit situation even more inevitable after spending like a drunken sailor.

I have commented many times on the lack of fiscal foresight and insane spending by this Conservative Government, and this 30 billion dollar deficit is just the cherry on top. Let's remember that 8 weeks ago Harper said there is no recession. That during the fiscal update offered no stimulus, until threatened with being removed from office. He closed down parliament when he was going to get defeated by the house.

This type of systematic mismanagement, and fiscal incompetence shows how badly damaging the Conservative are to this country, and makes me wonder what kind of "economist" Stephen Harper is. Because I think he has studied "ostrich" economics, aka the art of putting your head in the sand and pretending there is nothing going on outside, while the place is in an earth quake.

Just a few thoughts


Anonymous said...

Well if he doesn't spend he is damned. If he does spend he is also damned. My guess here is that he is about to do this with the help of the liberals. You haven't heard the liberals criticize it,haven't you?

Their silence says it all! My guess is that the budget will pass with the help of the Liberals.I assume that you would disagree with any offer of a stimulus for the economy hey? But I digress!

Unknown said...

I don’t think anyone is criticizing spending to stimulate the economy. It’s the sudden drop of the Government’s revenue through the massive tax cuts, GST, income tax, business taxes, too much too fast. All planned just to obtain the golden goose of a majority. Also with the increase in government spending, the cupboard is now empty. There is nothing left but to go into a deficit. That’s why people are pissed.

Anonymous said...

So what do you want to do increase tax's? You don't think that we are in better shape than some of the other countries,because of the tax cuts? Even if we're in a recession right now.You don't think that those companies who received the tax cuts are benefiting from them now?

You know sir I don't think I have to remind you that,but you don't run a country the same way you may run a business.What I mean is having profits i.e.surplus. Every time we do it says to me that we're paying too much in tax's.

susansmith said...

Wel, the liberals abetted Harper in the last parliament, by helping pass their previous over-the-top spending through tax reductions, and increased spending in other areas of govt. Also, we would not end up with a 30 billion dollar futuristic deficit if the liberals didn't remain silent on the 50 billion dollar tax giveaway in corporate taxcuts.
Canadians could use that money to spend in the real economy - on main streets all over towns and cities in Canada. That would stimulate the real economy and keep our communities viable.

Personally, the liberals are now playing both sides of the street. And your Right is Where it's At poster, is right on here - Liberals are now going to knife the coalition and climb in bed with the Harper cons. Let's say, as you are derogatory in your post towards Harper's and their cohorts, this will be a CLIMB DOWN.

this will be the Prince and the Pauper tag-team.

Brad Dillman said...

What Luke said.

I think its more that Harper is so partisan, any economic theory is ignored. Ideology is his goal, economics be damned.

The Right is Where it's At: I think you must run a surplus until you've paid down all the debt resulting from a deficit. A business wouldn't ignore their line of credit.

Anonymous said...


"The Right is Where it's At: I think you must run a surplus until you've paid down all the debt resulting from a deficit. A business wouldn't ignore their line of credit."

You could pay down the debt by breaking even.We don't need to have a surplus to do so.If you wait until we have no debt,well my friend you will be waiting a life time for any tax break.

As I said before you don't run a country the same way you run a business.So your analogy that "a business wouldn't ignore their line of credit," doesn't hold water. I've seen business that have closed down.But I haven't seen any country that was closed for business I don't care how poor they are.

Gordie Canuk said...

Harper and Flaherty criss crossed the country passing out nickels and dimes in the form of those 1% reductions in the GST...meaningless. But that's the ideology of the Conservatives under Harper, bleed the coffers dry so that Ottawa is basically neutred in terms of its ability to combat market forces.

The LPC needs to do some major fund raising, because when we go to the polls (I suspect very soon)...we are going to see the nastiest campaign in this nation's short history.