Thursday, December 11, 2008

Appointing Senators, thats a very Liberal idea.

It's funny how desperate Our great El Presidente Harper is. He wants to push through senate appointments to a body which he has refused to acknowledge and badmouth and request change his whole political career.

Lets get some direct quotes from Harper....

Here is my favorite
"This is the most important step we must take in dealing with Canada's democratic deficit, because there is nothing that will limit the prime minister's stranglehold on the political system more thoroughly and more permanently than establishing a Senate elected independent of the prime minister."-- Toronto Star, 28 Dec 2003

Independent of the Prime Minister, meaning not afraid, like Tory MP's are of the PM.

In regards to senate elections....
The federal Conservative Party promises the gradual election of the Senate. "A Conservative government led by Stephen Harper, its platform says, "will appoint only elected senators to the Senate."-- Globe Editorial, 18 June 2004

"I don't plan to appoint senators, that's not my intention, so we will be, in some cases, waiting upon an election system," he said.-- Toronto Sun, 14 January 2006

My god, he almost has a principled view on the senate. Too bad he changed his opinion. Stephen loves power, he craves it. He will do anything and slam anyone as long as he can stay in power. We are dealing with a desperate man, with a desperate agenda, in desperate economic times.

Just some thoughts....


Mala Fides said...

This is why I want to know, why the f#€% the GG did not restrict the appointment powers of the PM as so many constitutional experts had advised her to do before Herr Harper went and asked for a prorogue.

Lots of people expected this type of BS to happen and yet the GG did nothing to stop it and Harper is fully willing to abandon any "principle" to exert full force control over everything.

Anonymous said...

Well, whats good for the goose....and at least it will keep Ellie May out of a plum job she does not deserve.

ADHR said...

And who of the 18, one wonders, will deserve the "plum jobs" they get?

Unknown said...

@ADHR: Probably the same percentage as the hacks and failures that the Liberals have appointed to the Senate over the years.

It amazes me how Liberals can suck and blow over this. It was only a week or so ago that Dion signed the Coalition agreement after explicitly saying, three times during the election, "No Coalition".

Rather than worry about Senate appointments, why not try to install some democracy in your party, Liberals? The coronation of Iggy. Grass roots cut off from their rights. Sham leadership convention coming up. No member-approved platform. No beliefs.

No wonder you can't raise money, with that kind of shoddy product and a track record of screwing your customers.