Monday, December 08, 2008

Its all about electability.....

Whenever I watch the UFC, they always have these redundant beer ads about a light beer being more drinkable than its competitor. The Angus Reid poll on the weekend has established one thing amongst the Liberal Leadership contenders, Michael Ignatieff is the most electable candidate. Let's be honest here, there is a lot of egos and infighting in the party, but we are only a tiny percentage of voters. Voters want more of Michael and they have expressed their interest in seeing him as leader.

Numbers don't lie, and these type of polls are only a shot at the potential growth which Michael Ignatieff has compared to Bob Rae. Bob's legacy from his NDP years hampers him across the electorate, from Alberta to Ontario, whereas Michael has no such baggage and is seen as a strong voice to lead the party.

Now, with the leadership race now heating up, as the Hon. Stephane Dion has announced he is resigning we enter into interesting times for the Liberal Party of Canada. There could be an election, or there could be a coalition. I have no inside knowledge on what is happening in this direction, and the party must start soul searching as to what our role will be in the near future. I think we should thank Mr Dion for his leadership, and his legacy as the man who took on the separatists and beat them at their own game.