Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I have to apologize to all my readers. I haven't been writing as prolifically as i should have been in the past month or so. I hope to remedy this by the end of the year and get back on the horse in the new year.

But until then, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Yes Men totally punk the Conservative Government

It took a couple of anti-globalization activists to really put the Conservative Government on notice in the media to show that they have no real plan to battle climate change, and would prefer to ignore Kyoto protocol obligations. Canada is officially the laughing stock of the first world in terms of our government and their lack of any environmental policy. We are blessed with having unlimited natural resources, yet we continue to pollute at unsustainable levels in our largely uninhabited country.

The profile of the yes-men, and their reputation around the world shows how far Canada has fallen in its reputation and profile in the world sice the Harper Tories have been in Power. They have targeted such luminaries as George W Bush, Dow Chemicals, and the World Trade Organzation. I would reccomend the Yes men movies to anyone who has a progressive world view. Here is a trailer of their 2009 film.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

If Peter Van Loan were talking to the mirror would he get confused?

Its about time the press got short with this guy. He is the most partisan, and over the top member of cabinet. This report about the gun registry needs to come out, I don't like it when Tories endanger average Canadians.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The money just keeps going out the door...

I haven't had much time recently to blog about the issues, but I have noticed one thing about this government. They have an uncanny ability to spend large amounts of the taxpayers money on very little. Whether its big signs on GO train cars across the lakeshore line around the GTA, or big signs on Stone Road in Guelph talking about a bike lane, or even commercials on big american tv shows, this government has become an ad agency's dream.

It is all very reminiscent of the late 1990's where the Ontario Tories cut and snipped everything but spend lots of money on advertising how great their plans for education were. It scammed voters for one election, before they were given the boot in 2003, and hopefully this won't be the case Federally.

Running up a huge deficit while only spending stimulus on advertising, while projects rot and wait is a sure fire way to not help the economy. If Harper thought calling Paul Martin "Mr. Dithers" was amusing, what should we call Harper and his gang of free spending republicans. That is what i leave up to you the reader. I think the Bush Tories is a good start.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its been a month since my last post...

So I should remind all you lovely readers that I will be back in full force, next week. After some busy obligations are done on my work front. I have so many giant cheques to give out to all of you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inside Harper's Head

In case you wanted to know how our PM thinks, here is how his head works, according to his schedule today. I used a special mind reading technology to find out what exactly he was thinking. This is experimental, but i think its pretty clear where his priorities lie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harper Snubbed by Obama...

So much for Canada's greater role in the world under the Conservatives. Harper proves once again that when he speaks internationally, no one listens.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Once in a while...

Something crosses my desk, and it just makes me laugh out loud, like really LOUD.

Will be back blogging in no time.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Late again...

Being late is never good when you are supposed to set an example for others. Check out Stephen Harper, guess he had to blow his hair into place and he was almost late for his G8 photo op.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Looks like the ball is back in Harper's Court

That puts him in an interesting place. It's time to see whether Harper will help Canadians in obtaining EI faster, or put everyone in jeopardy by causing a Federal Election this summer. Do your worst Stephen.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Hey Baird, why don't you just wear an Ottawa Senators jersey next time?


Monday, June 08, 2009

Sexy Issue goes Nuclear!

I think any issue involving cancer is not sexy. The isotope scandal has now broadened thanks to an audiotape of Lisa Raitt talking about it as an issue in an interesting context.

The real crux of this issue is that the now-resigned staffer left an audiotape with the Halifax newspaper and totally forgot about it.

Looks like Raitt's days are numbered!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Once in a while, I get an email that changes everything!

This came across my desk this morning, totally surprised me as I had not been paying attention to the exchange rate lately.

Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 11:36 AM

Subject: JOB REPORTS - SCANDAL that will possibly bring down Finance Minister

Morning gentlemen,

It just crossed the wires via Bloomberg that Statistic Canada Probes speculation labor data disclosed early (leaked).

The Canadian dollar violently appreciated in over night activity before the release of the better than expected jobs data, and funny enough do you know who speculates / comments before the jobs data was released and who would have the data from statistics Canada…the good old finance minister and his office. A leak of this sort is similar to the income trust affair it is a market mover and unethical to illegal. With the finance minister’s office having the information better to start to asking questions about who knows what and when and who had the information and what they did with it.

Most best regards,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

live blog speeches

i hate thundersticks. hated them since world juniors.

They trot Trudeau out for the count. 97%, wonder who spoiled?

typing with one hand is hard...

obama is really popular.

Video was a nice touch.

opening of speech michael gets ovation by inviting public to join.

333 guy from toronto being canucks fan is weird.

336 talk of uniting people of canada. libs understand canadian way.

337 common standards for ei, strategy for recovery and learning

338 seize opportunities, life long learning

339 world class early learning and childcare, standing o
340 the university pledge is very popular too

341 french section

344 talks about etobicoke lakeshore, very nice. "surprise ourselves, astonish ourselves, and surprise the world"

346 environment and green technology, very liberal ideas

352 wireless failed, lost my spot

thanks all for reading

Saturday Afternoon notes

The session this morning was full of energy an enthusiasm.

About OMOV, Bob and Belinda really brought their A game out. I personally thought Bob's speech was great, and it was a really classless move to cut off Belinda's was classless and totally surprised me.

2. There is a consensus to grow the party, membership wise, and new ideas are welcome, This gives me a great sense of hope.

3, I haven't taken any pictures as I left the cable to hook up my computer at home in Toronto. Such is life!

4. Lots of familiar faces, hope everyone is having a good time, and hopefully i can meet some new people tonight.

5. I had a good nights sleep last night

6. Mark Holland, told me he sees OMOV as a way to reignite the party,and he agreed with me that the YLC amendment didn't help enfranchise all Youth and did the opposite.

7.big party tonight in Stanley Park,should be fun

8.hopefully no aggressive pan handlers there

9. Canucks game tonight,lets see how rowdy it gets on Robson st.

10. just had a chat with the President of the Liberal Democratic Party of the UK. First time I met a baroness.

Constitutional Plenary session 1, live blogging

The session is starting, and sub amendments will be dealt with first. As per the rules of the convention.
1044 pdt, the rules of debate are being told,while stragglers are finding their seats..

Amendment #1 OMOV Nav Baines is speaking in favour of the weighted OMOV, looks like a lot of heavy hitters are lining up to talk. Nav is talking about its balance, simplicity, and cost effectiveness. Nav gets great applause.

Subamendment: Braeden Caley is talking about the ylc subamdendment,using the ylc talking point.

25 people in favour of debating sub amendment

amendment is debated...
first speaker in favor of ylc amendment thinks its important
JT speaks against it! Says its a disincentive against the Youth. Justin is very passionate, and gets a huge response

YLC person in favour...

Chair just says only 2 in favour, and 2against, 4-5 heavy hitters against won't get chance to talk.

1055 John Lennard, is totally getting a huge response, talking about youth leadership,

1056, Chair is only allowing one more speaker, many people are outraged.

1057, caeley is back using talking points

1058 Cait Townsend is talking against the motion, 2 main objections, inherent contradiction according to the spirit of OMOV, Cait thinks everyone should be treated equally.

Voting on YLC amendment, wow, YLC got killed "he's dead jim" says a delegate next to me.

YLC just got pwned!!!

1105 semantics about the visually impaired and resolution reading.

1105 Belinda and Bob are first in line to speak for OMOV

1106 Belinda Stronach is up first, she is here because its in the best interest of the party that we adapt our amendment, and that it reflects Liberal values as the party of the people. She thinks that every members vote should count equally.

1107 VP of NS Liberals calls it false democracy, and that small ridings can be bought and sold. interesting argument. He also talks about the lack of youth, women, etc....

1109 Bob Rae speaks in favour, Bob says that the Liberal Party is an open party, not a private club, organization that belongs to the people of Canada, Canada is a country of democratic tradtions, and that this constitutional amendment is important to the future of the party.

1110 YLC member is against, saying that Rural riding is more powerful than a rural riding, says its not true OMOV.

1111 Stephen K is talking, don't want to mess up his last name,talks about the geographic reasons and gives everyone direct say.

1112 speaker against for weighting, urges to vote it down. tempered applause to the speaker.

1114 Voting in favour, OMOV WINS!!!

1120 Just noticed fellow blogger James Morton in front of me, without any furry animals.

1126 Limiting EDA delegates to conventions defeated handily. The Spirit of democracy is alive and well.

1128 Amendment 3.1 Changed operating in Executive in title of chief operating officer, passed.

1129 Amendment 3.2 Changes national exec to national board of directors passed

1130 amendment 4, Alternate representation on the national Executive, Passed

1131 Amendment 5 Recomendations of the membership working group, adds National Membership secretary to the National exec, as in a full voting aka the Rob Jamieson amendment. amendment passes

1132 amendment 5.3 associate membership passed

1136 5.4 Party Membershps for Canadians Living abroad... Good Idea according to me. Amendment passes, time to hand out memberships at The Maple Leaf in London UK.

1137 5.5 Suspension and Revocation of Memberships, see PDF on website, has to be by the National board of directors,has to have proper time,and must be passed by 2/3 votes, and appeal to come back. Creates Rules for people expelled,remember the sponsorship scandal!!!
people are talking on this amendment. Jack Siegal is totally against this amendment, when jack is against amendments, its a big deal. Jack is a well respected legal counsel in the LPC. This amendment needs 2/3s of the vote to pass. It doesn't have 2/3s support as the ballots are being counted. Amendment fails.

Thats all for me, more observations to come....

OMOV, a new era of the LPC? or more of the same?

I am currently sitting inside the main convention hall, where emergency resolutions are being debated. Voting is going on the next room over, for the executive positions. I had the chance to talk to various members of the party and their opinions on One Member One Vote.

The major consensus amongst the people I have talked to is that the they are all in favour of the OMOV resolution in its original form, and that the YLC amendment is not very popular amongst senior Liberals. I have only talked to one senior Liberal who has expressed support for the YLC amendment. Compared to maybe 15 against it. Only time will tell, Looks like the YLC are parading people up to the microphones. Trying to impress senior delegates,We will see what they have to say....

Friday, May 01, 2009

stuff i hear around Vancouver

1)The Canucks rule, according to drunken hockey fans last night

2) cab drivers like this Michael Ignatieff guy..

3) The YLC race is going to be really close.....

4) No election signs for the provincial election....Is that normal for this province?

5) OMOV should pass, ylc amendment, lets hope not...

6) One candidate for YLC prez, his riding candidate is endorsing the other. Well, he is endorsing John Lennard... Interesting says I.

7) Vancouver is under construction,and the locals,well they don't mind!!

8) Lots of suites tonight, should be interesting

9) Vancouver is easy to get lost in....

Liveblogging Canada and the World

Lord Alderdice; President of the Liberal International, is talking about how Canada helped the Peace Process in Northern Ireland. Thanks Canada, He is talking about the Liberal International group.
I didn't know that the Liberals had over 100 partner parties around the world.

1145 Lord Alderdice is talking about the positiveness that LPC brings to the world and Liberalism in general. Bob Rae is watching intently, Bill Graham is reading something.

1146 LA is talking about how Canada is a country that can be accepted and trusted as they lack the baggage and have the resources and energy, that people look to Canada because we aren't going to their resouces and they(Canada) acts with generosity.

1149 LA is talking about Canada's Liberal values and principals, very good so far. Bob, Denis and Bill are taking notes.

1150, LA is talking about Canada as a beacon of light and inspiration to the world, closing remarks.

1151 Bill Graham is back,talking about Liberal values, and how Canadians and Liberal policy, human security agenda helped Ireland and the world.

1152 Graham mentions that "other" political party can think, but most people aren't allowed to speak...then he starts talking in French, heavy English accent.

1153 Grahams french is hard for me to understand, talks about Canada in La Fracaphonie, and our international role in human security.

1154 Talking about our influences in human rights, etc,

1155, talks about our geography in Canada, that we are part of North America, and that we have 3 oceans, and recognize that our foreign policy should adapt and change...]

1157 BG is telling stories of avoiding Iraq, and the consequences they deal with after with JC at the helm

1159 talks about our role in peace and security via Liberalism in the world, concluding defence policy with foreign policy. strengthen foreign afairs, and not eviscerate it.

1200 gives shout out to Obama identifying pakistan as problem in that region. Obama always gets major applause!!!

1202 BG is talking about taking advantage of new voice that thinks like us in the white house. Putting it to us that we break out of our narrow bounds of trade, that Canadians be ready to increase our global business, and break out of the nafta box.

1204 BG is concluding golden thread that runs through his life, political life, domestic and international issues are no longer divided, Think of domestic not being divorced from foreign affairs.

1206 Denis Codere and Bob Rae, my 2 facebook friends are taking questions!! Send any questions I should get up and ask to COALM at twitter!!

1208 Question about foreign policy, on Canada/Cuba relations. BG answers!?!?!?!? BG makes a joke about helms/castro relationship, isn't really answering question, talking about Obama allowing visitors to Cuba, and that Canadians as Liberals strive to work with Cuba, and that trudeau criticized Cuba while working with them too.

1210 question about UN security Council, and expanding it... Bob thinks the challenge with reforming the Un is that the permanent members have to agree with change. Bob pays tribute to JC and PM, and the g20 and their work to make it an organization, Bob says that the world of the future will be remarkably different, and that we are under no illusions to see the change through on the wold stage.

1213 Question from teacher (history) talking about Canadas past foreign polciy achievement,talking about canada's lack of voice under the Cons. Teachers like to talk, more of statement then a question.

1215 Question about poppy farming in Afghanistan(questions often get off topic in these things)
LA answers the question,talking about poverty in Afghanistan. Talks about thoughtful engagement in the world and not excluding parties from talks and multilateralism. lots of big words.

1218 Question about Haiti
DC answers, talks about accompanying money with proper education, training, not just aid, actually developing and helping out the Haitian people, partnering with them etc.

This Q and A is dragging, got interrupted

1523 Bob is talking about the Cons and where Canada no longer is in terms of International affairs. Sitting next to a guy from Burkina faso, thats pretty cool

1524, Bob says we do it by doing it, identifying issues to be addressed, references both Pearson and Axeworthty (Sp?), then talks about involvement in Sri Lanka and Darfur.Bob is nailing this, will make a great foreign minister.

1527 LA just smackdowned the CONs saying the World needs a Liberal Canada back.

1528. Question about Oil, and how as an oil country we have to import Oil to Eastern Canada...
DC responds with national energy, and some QC nationalist position. I can't seem to blog and translate at the same time, appologies!!!!

1230 Question from a guy from Scarborough, not me, more of a statement on trudeaus role in getting Soviets to talk to Americans. Not a question, more of a statement on disarmament, references obama.

1233 Bob talks about disarmament, and working with NK and Iran, engaging actively and costructively. No figure waging, and lecturing.

1236 My attention span is shot, I just checked my work email. Denis is talking about working with other countries in business etc.

Thats all for me folks!!!thanks for reading.

Just arrived at the National Convention

The Vancouver Convention Centre is buzzing with activity as all the delegates have arrived. By the time I registered around 1pm edt, there was an air optimism in the hall ways. There was a definite aura of renewal and energy.

For those of you who think that this convention is simply a coronation of Michael Ignatieff, you would be in for a surprise. On the lowest level,there were all the candidate teams hawking their wares and policies to the newly registered delegates. Democracy is alive and well in the Liberal Party of Canada.


There are a number of candidates I hope will win in the internal elections.First off, I think John Lennard is the best hope for the Young Liberals of Canada,as president. He is dynamic, energetic an not afraid to speak his mind. I can relate to that. When I talked to John, he talked of renewel,as well as focusing on other segments of the Young liberals,such as high school students and Young Professionals. I think its brilliant. Go John...

Another person Id like to endorse is Maryanne Kampouris who is running for the national policy chair. Maryanne has worked tireless in Ontario as the provincial policy chair, and has helped get Ontario's wing of the party to work online and develop new policies using technology. I think Maryanne will do a great job, and I hope she wins.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Its weird when stuff crosses my desk

The Young Liberals are getting more and more creative.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

been busy lately...

Starting a Rugby program at a school with no Rugby team for 15 years is hard work, and this is taking a toll on my blogging.

Anyways, glad to hear the libs are out of the red!

It will be a fun night tonight at CJPAC, wonder how many of them read my blog??? Guess I can ask? Hey I'm Confessions of a Liberal Mind, who are you?

I will be on full force next week to ramp up to the convention, I might even endorse and support people. What do you think I should do?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

One Member, One Vote, One Crazy Amendment

Let me get this out of the way, I will not be a delegate at the convention in Vancouver this year. I decided to take on the roll as a blogger, and I have even purchased a mini-pc in which to fulfill this role in Vancouver.

The weighted One Member One vote, for the ridings is the best compromise position regarding democracy in the Liberal Party. I would have preferred a straight bare bones version of this amendment with no weighting, but the riding weighting is a fair compromise to properly represent the country as a whole, which the party has not been doing for most of this past decade in both opposition and government.

In examining the Young Liberals of Canada's amendment, my first reaction is that this is a poison pill. This amendment is greedy, undemocratic, and totally elitist. The Young Liberals are very important to the party, but according to those within its ranks only represent about 10-14% of the total population of the party. Giving the group a built in 25% representation would only further give the Young Liberals a self important voice rather than working to have a strong voice through recruiting of more "real" members, rather than signing up their friends to vote in provincial executive races.

Young Liberals play an important part of the party, through their enthusiasm in bringing about progressive policies, but they often play out high school type fights and politics (we should all expect more out of University students), which I myself have taken part in maybe once or twice (regretfully, crazy days of past).

Through all of this, I have heard one voice from the Youth that sounds mature and not entitled. That voice being John Lennard, the Presidential candidate for the YLC. He believes that the Youth need to grow, and double their membership, rather than force a quota on the rest of the party. John shows real maturity and leadership by taking this stand, and also shows that he is committed to the OMOV in its original form.

I hope that this amendment fails, as I have only heard negative responses from senior Liberals I know, and I think the Youth of the party need to do some soul searching into what is best for them and their role in the party. They already have cheap delegate and event fees, and have a great influence in policy through their most awesome level of voluntarism.

Lastly, I've been getting emails from people running for National Exec positions. Its interesting to see the only communication from exec members is during the time they wish to run for a position. Hit me up after you get elected...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Goose is cooked.....

Once in a while a talking animal catches my attention and i have to show it to all my friends. This is one of those times.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its time to get Irish!

Hey Everyone!

Happy St. Patricks day!

Only on St Patricks day, or maybe Groundhog day can our new Science minister be forced to believe in evolution. Which country do we live in?

Ireland has one more game to continue its grand slam season in Rugby!!! Best of Luck to them!

Friday, March 13, 2009

jobs jobs jobs!

Grit Girl strikes again, with the stark facts on the Conservative Government and their poor stewardship of the economy, and their concern for keeping their own jobs. Numbers don't like, Tories well they might.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back again, some political notes from the past month

It is funny how life plays games with you and takes away the urge to write. Since I last wrote, I have had multiple people start following me on Twitter, received a few emails asking if i was still blogging, as well as been morally outraged at least once, maybe twice in the past little while. So let me get back on my high horse.

World Affairs....

Well, This isn't really world affairs, but I was really disappointed in the various Universities having Israel apartheid week on campus last week. Especially with some branches of CUPE actually supporting this. I think this type of categorization and this event really just smells like a disguise for antisemitism, which I have no time for. Honest debate does not involve calling a democracy with fair elections a fascist state.

In Sri Lanka, a brutal civil war continues, while people debate constantly about the middle east. While bloggers were fighting on and on about the Middle East, the Government of Sri Lanka refused repeatedly to allow any media into the war zone, as well as shelling hospitals with artillery! At the same time, the Tamil Tiger's launched a suicide attack, as well as air raid on the capital. This conflict is twisted, and the only truth of the story is that innocent people are dying, and the world should intervene and solve this conflict.

Canadian Politics....

Harper continues to hide from the economy, finally making a speech about doom and gloom the other day. His first speech on the economy this year. Once again, he appears out of touch with Canadians. He has been thinking of ways to attack the Liberals, not work with them. Too many easy analogies, too much bad governing by the Conservatives. Lets hope they don't try and hurt the military.... Ooops. I spoke too soon...


Interesting developments at LPC, no travel subsidy, just a discount (its like a free gift sized discount) on flights for bienial. I just noticed Vancouver hotel rooms are expensive. Anyone know why?
The Young Libs are in quite a race for President. John Lennard comes out guns blazing with a full policy initiative, and some really interesting ideas about making the Young Libs more inclusive as well as an egalitarian endorsement list bereft of Young Lib back scratching titles. I found this very interesting and contrasting to his main opponent. Sam Lavoie names every provincial exec supporting him, full titles, from every province execpt Quebec,interestingly enough. It looks like the Youth are going to have quite the race on their hands for the Presidency of the YLC. As someone who works with youth, I enjoy anything to do with outreach into politics for teens and young adults.

More to come in the future, come back and visit....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Conservative Pork Barrelling of Canada continues

Looks like the cat is out of the bag in regards to the infrastructure funding. 78% of the funding will be towards Conservative ridings, so the majority of infrastructure money will not be spent in Toronto, or Montreal. As they are the red outposts of Canada.

This is typical nasty Conservative spin, and we really need to examine these spending issues in both the committees and the House of Commons. It also shows why we need to hold the Conservatives accountable, with their economic updates. These types of spending plans are unacceptable, and Canadians should not be punished if they did not vote for a minority government.

Truthiness and Canadian Politics

Looks like Stephen Taylor bit off more than he could chew when it came towards Michael Ignatieff and his donations to the Liberal Party of Canada. Yes, Michael and his wife have heavily donated to the party in the past few years, as we all know2 how much they care about Liberalism.

As usual Warren Kinsella sets the record straight.
Michael Ignatieff has donated through the Laurier Club in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Both Michael and his wife, Zsuzsanna Zsohar, have donated the maximum amount to the Michael Ignatieff campaign in 2009. And, in 2007, Zsuzsanna donated $1,000 to Michael’s riding and $1,000 to the Liberal Party. Our leader and his wife are doing their part to donate to the Liberal cause.

Anyways, it was an interesting exercise in reading spin, and the way that Taylor continues to use truthiness and wording to make accusations. Yes, Warren Kinsella used to be Liberal Communications guy, but last time I checked he still lives in Toronto, and runs Daisy Consulting Group. That's what his business card says, so I don't see Warren as a staffer in Ottawa.

In reality, Stephen is using semantics to try and send misinformation around the Liberal ranks, but luckily we are here to set the record straight on political donations as well as anything else they which to spin their tires around.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Policy for this blog....

No more anonymous comments. If you want to comment, you need an ID.

Monday, February 02, 2009

OYL AGM, what is now known.....

The OYL AGM took place this past weekend. The big story across the blogosphere was the voting irregularities and the forging of delegate badges by the OYL first team.

In an executive meeting after the convention(I know this on good authority), the new President admitted that she tried to have one person vote illegally, and that this person was rejected by the CRO.

Thats the truth that is out right now.

The idea of forged delegate badges is a serious one, and the people who did this should really think about what they are doing to the Liberal Party, and think of the party on the badge, not their desire to win a Young Liberal election.

What will happen next? I don't know, but the Ontario Young Liberals have some serious soul searching to do.

I will keep you updated as this story develops.

OYL 2009

Just when you thought you were out, they drag you back in......

Frantic text messages at 1:30 pm on Sunday....

If you have any anecdotes about what happenned in Ottawa this past weekend email my blog email Jamiecallingham at the gmail. I don't disclose sources so you people are safe.

I will get to the bottom of the shenanigans by tomorrow.

But first off,
I wasn't there, I was in Toronto.
I saw the Marlies beat Hamilton 4-2 on friday!
I saw the Leafs beat Pittsburgh 5-4 0n Saturday!

Sunday, the stuff happened

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

13 Billion Dollars, and still no directions or leadership

The Tories record on the economy speaks for itself. Just look at this chart highlighting the Tories greatest fall hits on the economy.
The Tory financial disaster has escalated and continued. For a refresher, check out this chart of doom, as done by a Liberal activist in December, documenting the fall, and fall of the TSX in regards to statements made by the Federal Conservatives in regards to the economy.

Just when you thought things could get worse, the Parliamentary Budget Officer has come out with a report today stating that the deficit should be somewhere in the area of $13 billion. This is an insane amount of money and really shows that you cannot spend money like an NDP socialist, and cut taxes like a Republican. This has created a budget crisis without any economic stimulus package for the economy to get started. Why did this happen do you ask? I have some theories.

1) Tories are more concerned with the green shift than the economy. Yes, they focused all their energy on attacking the Liberals last election than on fiscal restraint

2) Tories play Canadians for patsies and use GST cuts to give working class Canadians the impression, they are saving money, when the real beneficiary, is the rich guy buying a new yacht for 800 grand.

3) The Tories economic policy is based upon a dart board and throwing darts at it blindfolded with each square, some type of pork barreling project or tax cut that creates no real impact on the economy.

4) The Conservatives have hired the recently unemployed Trailer Park boys as economics advisors.
The Tories have fallen asleep at the wheel, and the economy is now a runaway truck down a huge hill in terms of budget deficits. This Government has acted inprudently and acted and spent like a spoilt teenager with their parent's credit card. The media has given Harper and his cronies a free ride as they have mismanaged the tax payers money, and have mortgaged the country so they can spend more money and try to hold onto power.

This money could have been used to fund day care for Canadians, improve infrastructure, or even as stimulus, but instead the mismanagement has created a Mulroneyesque budget deficit. This is history repeating itself. Canadians have to ask themselves, can we trust these people with our money. I don't think so, but judge it for yourself.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Desire or inclination...

To comment on the Middle East situation. Just hope a truce happens.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My World Junior Highlights

It started out as a couple of drunken text messages on New Years day. Did you see the game tonight? yes, I did. Want to go to the next one? Yes i do? Do you? Lets get tickets!!!!!! The game we targeted was the Semi-final game between Canada and Russia on Saturday night.

This lead to my brother making a 4 hour drive from the cottage in Muskoka to Ottawa, and myself flying on Porter Air from the Toronto Island Airport to Ottawa on a Saturday Afternoon . Needless to say we were excited to make it to the nations capital, and it was for reasons of hockey.

We walked into Scotiabank Place, first as Canadians, and Secondly as Toronto Maple Leaf fans. We were fired up to see an amazing game which we travelled hundreds of kilometres to see. We entered an arena full of Senators fans, a bunch of leaf fans who gave us thumbs up (we both wore Maple Leaf Toques throughout the game), and various other street people (habs fans).

The game was a back and forth battle, that was highlighted by the Russian's speed, back checking, and will to keep coming back. Every time we thought Canada put them down a goal, they came back almost instantly. The crowd was loud and proud for Ottawa standards, though the people behind me didn't like it when I stood up a couple of Canadian breakaways (always do this at ACC and everyone else stands) .

The game came down to 2 plays, the Russian defenceman who shot the puck and iced it with about 20 seconds left. Then the face-off after, which led to a scrum, and which John Tavares threw the puck towards the net which Jordan Eberle then put in the top shelf with 5 seconds left.

This moment will always stick out in my mind, I jumped out of my seat yelling, screaming, embracing everyone around me (even fans of other NHL teams), jumping up and down in disbelief. It was one of those truly Canadian moments which those of us in the building, and watching on TSN will remember for the rest of our lives . The goal was in a scramble, not as pretty as the Gretzky-Lemieux Pass of 1987, or the Jonathan Toews shootout show against the Americans, it was more like the 1972 Henderson goal than any goal in recent memory. Being their to witness it was icing on the cake.

Once the Overtime started, and went with a few decent chances. The Canadians got looser as the 10 minutes wore on, and they had more quality chances than The Russians. Going into the shootout, the crowd was confident, as Canada had the snipers ready to take action, and they didn't dissapoint.

After watching Canada win gold tonight, my expensive trip was validated. Though 5 seconds difference could have made my trip not worthwhile. I was glad to have witnessed a classic game, rather than the antics of the Swedes tonight. All in all, I am happy that Canada has won 5 in a row.

Here is a youtube video I put together of the anthem after the game. Great patriotic stuff!