Thursday, February 05, 2009

Truthiness and Canadian Politics

Looks like Stephen Taylor bit off more than he could chew when it came towards Michael Ignatieff and his donations to the Liberal Party of Canada. Yes, Michael and his wife have heavily donated to the party in the past few years, as we all know2 how much they care about Liberalism.

As usual Warren Kinsella sets the record straight.
Michael Ignatieff has donated through the Laurier Club in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Both Michael and his wife, Zsuzsanna Zsohar, have donated the maximum amount to the Michael Ignatieff campaign in 2009. And, in 2007, Zsuzsanna donated $1,000 to Michael’s riding and $1,000 to the Liberal Party. Our leader and his wife are doing their part to donate to the Liberal cause.

Anyways, it was an interesting exercise in reading spin, and the way that Taylor continues to use truthiness and wording to make accusations. Yes, Warren Kinsella used to be Liberal Communications guy, but last time I checked he still lives in Toronto, and runs Daisy Consulting Group. That's what his business card says, so I don't see Warren as a staffer in Ottawa.

In reality, Stephen is using semantics to try and send misinformation around the Liberal ranks, but luckily we are here to set the record straight on political donations as well as anything else they which to spin their tires around.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the proof?
It's quite easy to find proof for the other members but on Iggy... not so much....

And having Warren K (spinmaster) say he has... well....