Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Goose is cooked.....

Once in a while a talking animal catches my attention and i have to show it to all my friends. This is one of those times.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its time to get Irish!

Hey Everyone!

Happy St. Patricks day!

Only on St Patricks day, or maybe Groundhog day can our new Science minister be forced to believe in evolution. Which country do we live in?

Ireland has one more game to continue its grand slam season in Rugby!!! Best of Luck to them!

Friday, March 13, 2009

jobs jobs jobs!

Grit Girl strikes again, with the stark facts on the Conservative Government and their poor stewardship of the economy, and their concern for keeping their own jobs. Numbers don't like, Tories well they might.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back again, some political notes from the past month

It is funny how life plays games with you and takes away the urge to write. Since I last wrote, I have had multiple people start following me on Twitter, received a few emails asking if i was still blogging, as well as been morally outraged at least once, maybe twice in the past little while. So let me get back on my high horse.

World Affairs....

Well, This isn't really world affairs, but I was really disappointed in the various Universities having Israel apartheid week on campus last week. Especially with some branches of CUPE actually supporting this. I think this type of categorization and this event really just smells like a disguise for antisemitism, which I have no time for. Honest debate does not involve calling a democracy with fair elections a fascist state.

In Sri Lanka, a brutal civil war continues, while people debate constantly about the middle east. While bloggers were fighting on and on about the Middle East, the Government of Sri Lanka refused repeatedly to allow any media into the war zone, as well as shelling hospitals with artillery! At the same time, the Tamil Tiger's launched a suicide attack, as well as air raid on the capital. This conflict is twisted, and the only truth of the story is that innocent people are dying, and the world should intervene and solve this conflict.

Canadian Politics....

Harper continues to hide from the economy, finally making a speech about doom and gloom the other day. His first speech on the economy this year. Once again, he appears out of touch with Canadians. He has been thinking of ways to attack the Liberals, not work with them. Too many easy analogies, too much bad governing by the Conservatives. Lets hope they don't try and hurt the military.... Ooops. I spoke too soon...


Interesting developments at LPC, no travel subsidy, just a discount (its like a free gift sized discount) on flights for bienial. I just noticed Vancouver hotel rooms are expensive. Anyone know why?
The Young Libs are in quite a race for President. John Lennard comes out guns blazing with a full policy initiative, and some really interesting ideas about making the Young Libs more inclusive as well as an egalitarian endorsement list bereft of Young Lib back scratching titles. I found this very interesting and contrasting to his main opponent. Sam Lavoie names every provincial exec supporting him, full titles, from every province execpt Quebec,interestingly enough. It looks like the Youth are going to have quite the race on their hands for the Presidency of the YLC. As someone who works with youth, I enjoy anything to do with outreach into politics for teens and young adults.

More to come in the future, come back and visit....