Saturday, May 02, 2009

Constitutional Plenary session 1, live blogging

The session is starting, and sub amendments will be dealt with first. As per the rules of the convention.
1044 pdt, the rules of debate are being told,while stragglers are finding their seats..

Amendment #1 OMOV Nav Baines is speaking in favour of the weighted OMOV, looks like a lot of heavy hitters are lining up to talk. Nav is talking about its balance, simplicity, and cost effectiveness. Nav gets great applause.

Subamendment: Braeden Caley is talking about the ylc subamdendment,using the ylc talking point.

25 people in favour of debating sub amendment

amendment is debated...
first speaker in favor of ylc amendment thinks its important
JT speaks against it! Says its a disincentive against the Youth. Justin is very passionate, and gets a huge response

YLC person in favour...

Chair just says only 2 in favour, and 2against, 4-5 heavy hitters against won't get chance to talk.

1055 John Lennard, is totally getting a huge response, talking about youth leadership,

1056, Chair is only allowing one more speaker, many people are outraged.

1057, caeley is back using talking points

1058 Cait Townsend is talking against the motion, 2 main objections, inherent contradiction according to the spirit of OMOV, Cait thinks everyone should be treated equally.

Voting on YLC amendment, wow, YLC got killed "he's dead jim" says a delegate next to me.

YLC just got pwned!!!

1105 semantics about the visually impaired and resolution reading.

1105 Belinda and Bob are first in line to speak for OMOV

1106 Belinda Stronach is up first, she is here because its in the best interest of the party that we adapt our amendment, and that it reflects Liberal values as the party of the people. She thinks that every members vote should count equally.

1107 VP of NS Liberals calls it false democracy, and that small ridings can be bought and sold. interesting argument. He also talks about the lack of youth, women, etc....

1109 Bob Rae speaks in favour, Bob says that the Liberal Party is an open party, not a private club, organization that belongs to the people of Canada, Canada is a country of democratic tradtions, and that this constitutional amendment is important to the future of the party.

1110 YLC member is against, saying that Rural riding is more powerful than a rural riding, says its not true OMOV.

1111 Stephen K is talking, don't want to mess up his last name,talks about the geographic reasons and gives everyone direct say.

1112 speaker against for weighting, urges to vote it down. tempered applause to the speaker.

1114 Voting in favour, OMOV WINS!!!

1120 Just noticed fellow blogger James Morton in front of me, without any furry animals.

1126 Limiting EDA delegates to conventions defeated handily. The Spirit of democracy is alive and well.

1128 Amendment 3.1 Changed operating in Executive in title of chief operating officer, passed.

1129 Amendment 3.2 Changes national exec to national board of directors passed

1130 amendment 4, Alternate representation on the national Executive, Passed

1131 Amendment 5 Recomendations of the membership working group, adds National Membership secretary to the National exec, as in a full voting aka the Rob Jamieson amendment. amendment passes

1132 amendment 5.3 associate membership passed

1136 5.4 Party Membershps for Canadians Living abroad... Good Idea according to me. Amendment passes, time to hand out memberships at The Maple Leaf in London UK.

1137 5.5 Suspension and Revocation of Memberships, see PDF on website, has to be by the National board of directors,has to have proper time,and must be passed by 2/3 votes, and appeal to come back. Creates Rules for people expelled,remember the sponsorship scandal!!!
people are talking on this amendment. Jack Siegal is totally against this amendment, when jack is against amendments, its a big deal. Jack is a well respected legal counsel in the LPC. This amendment needs 2/3s of the vote to pass. It doesn't have 2/3s support as the ballots are being counted. Amendment fails.

Thats all for me, more observations to come....

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