Friday, May 01, 2009

Just arrived at the National Convention

The Vancouver Convention Centre is buzzing with activity as all the delegates have arrived. By the time I registered around 1pm edt, there was an air optimism in the hall ways. There was a definite aura of renewal and energy.

For those of you who think that this convention is simply a coronation of Michael Ignatieff, you would be in for a surprise. On the lowest level,there were all the candidate teams hawking their wares and policies to the newly registered delegates. Democracy is alive and well in the Liberal Party of Canada.


There are a number of candidates I hope will win in the internal elections.First off, I think John Lennard is the best hope for the Young Liberals of Canada,as president. He is dynamic, energetic an not afraid to speak his mind. I can relate to that. When I talked to John, he talked of renewel,as well as focusing on other segments of the Young liberals,such as high school students and Young Professionals. I think its brilliant. Go John...

Another person Id like to endorse is Maryanne Kampouris who is running for the national policy chair. Maryanne has worked tireless in Ontario as the provincial policy chair, and has helped get Ontario's wing of the party to work online and develop new policies using technology. I think Maryanne will do a great job, and I hope she wins.

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