Saturday, May 02, 2009

live blog speeches

i hate thundersticks. hated them since world juniors.

They trot Trudeau out for the count. 97%, wonder who spoiled?

typing with one hand is hard...

obama is really popular.

Video was a nice touch.

opening of speech michael gets ovation by inviting public to join.

333 guy from toronto being canucks fan is weird.

336 talk of uniting people of canada. libs understand canadian way.

337 common standards for ei, strategy for recovery and learning

338 seize opportunities, life long learning

339 world class early learning and childcare, standing o
340 the university pledge is very popular too

341 french section

344 talks about etobicoke lakeshore, very nice. "surprise ourselves, astonish ourselves, and surprise the world"

346 environment and green technology, very liberal ideas

352 wireless failed, lost my spot

thanks all for reading

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