Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Afternoon notes

The session this morning was full of energy an enthusiasm.

About OMOV, Bob and Belinda really brought their A game out. I personally thought Bob's speech was great, and it was a really classless move to cut off Belinda's was classless and totally surprised me.

2. There is a consensus to grow the party, membership wise, and new ideas are welcome, This gives me a great sense of hope.

3, I haven't taken any pictures as I left the cable to hook up my computer at home in Toronto. Such is life!

4. Lots of familiar faces, hope everyone is having a good time, and hopefully i can meet some new people tonight.

5. I had a good nights sleep last night

6. Mark Holland, told me he sees OMOV as a way to reignite the party,and he agreed with me that the YLC amendment didn't help enfranchise all Youth and did the opposite.

7.big party tonight in Stanley Park,should be fun

8.hopefully no aggressive pan handlers there

9. Canucks game tonight,lets see how rowdy it gets on Robson st.

10. just had a chat with the President of the Liberal Democratic Party of the UK. First time I met a baroness.

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