Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Yes Men totally punk the Conservative Government

It took a couple of anti-globalization activists to really put the Conservative Government on notice in the media to show that they have no real plan to battle climate change, and would prefer to ignore Kyoto protocol obligations. Canada is officially the laughing stock of the first world in terms of our government and their lack of any environmental policy. We are blessed with having unlimited natural resources, yet we continue to pollute at unsustainable levels in our largely uninhabited country.

The profile of the yes-men, and their reputation around the world shows how far Canada has fallen in its reputation and profile in the world sice the Harper Tories have been in Power. They have targeted such luminaries as George W Bush, Dow Chemicals, and the World Trade Organzation. I would reccomend the Yes men movies to anyone who has a progressive world view. Here is a trailer of their 2009 film.


Larry Gambone said...

This has REALLY embarrassed the Harpocrits. They are fuming, but it will only make them look worse. Thank you Yes Men!

Marx-A-Million said...

That is so true! Thank you for doing what you do!