Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canada 150 Energy session

The North American energy Market

Michael phelps takes a stand on carbon, that the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to tax it. That is best way to reduce it. Dan comments that carbon should have a price, either through the market or a carbon tax. Giving it a well established price, and or working both a market price and a carbon tax.

Issue of devolutionis up,panelists not sure about power of the territories, Dan Gagnier dwels on the amount of hydro electric energy that is untapped in the north due to the lack of royalties offered to the aboriginal population. Hydro companies should form partnerships with these groups.

The political football in the room is the carbon tax, and Phelps handles in interestingly, and is more nuanced tothe issue. Dan then talks about the implementation of the carbon tax, and how it must be brought in. I feel that a carbon tax is inevitable if people are logical rather then emotional about this issue,.

In a nutshell, carbon should be taxed in a revenue neutral fashion, that the cap and trade system is more for making money, and that other parts of the world have already done this. In all honesty I found that this conversation was extremely adult, and nonpolitical, It was from a purely practical standpoint,and I found it very interesting. The panel brought a diverse group of questions and comments. Is the carbon tax a political football? I don't know, I should ask people outside this room.