Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canada and the digital world

Here are some random thoughts and observations from my spot on press row. The question line for this topic is much longer than any other. Highly appropriate considering the nature of this conference. This session hasn't turned into a parody of buzzwords and technobabble, it has very wide scope,and the questions have pushed the panel all over the digital map.

My impressions of this group is that it is a very technologically driven group, and the consensus view is that Canada needs a national strategy for broadband, and for content in a digital world.

The digital divide will hit Canada hard, unless they develop a strategy to improve our internet situation, a digital strategy so to speak, rather than making accessibility. The issue is that Canada has been left behind in terms of connectivity,and that we need to be innovative.

They tiptoed around copyright, taking a view that one shouldn't make laws on the go, I find that people are far too afraid about making big changes in copyright legislation. Just look at music industry and its problems.


Sheridan Scott believes that the news media has a place in the future, That the news media should continue to be a trusted source of news, even in our 24 hour economy. That the credibility that the news media has should keep it in its place, and that it should continue to do its job. The panelists addressed small communities and local reporting touting partnership between government and private enterprise to service smaller communities,

We need a strong national broadcaster with a strong voice for Canada in the digital world. The panelists continually have pointed the bbc and its player as a standard for what a national broadcaster should be as an example.

main recommendations

Sheridan said that we should have clear national goals for digital economy, and that broadband is a ticket to future prosperity and be able to deliver cultural strategy

Andre stated that its very important to celebrate an encourage our creativity, and the propensity of Canadians to create and government support the ability to create content, and we need to combine institutions and agencies in creature of culture, Minister of Culture and Communications necessary. Bringing together various levels.

Glen to conclude, Government action needs to be defined in a free market to citizens rather than consumers. Base judges and actions based on citizenship. Cultural strategies geared towards inclusive citizenship.

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