Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Con ad, looks very American

So, this new Con ad crossed my desk. I saw it earlier, but then I got another email comparing the ad to an American tea party. The resemblance is uncanny. Looks like its a pretty good copy, if you change some of the stock imagery. What do you think?


kitt said...

Yuk! This ad gives the impression that this is Harper's Canada. :p

Alison said...

He mainlines American right-wing crap. The message is a joke. Who has done more to undermine Canada's place in the world, more to undermine Parliament and more to ignore the will of Canadians other than his base?

ridenrain said...

I guess Ignatieff is quite familiar with those American style ads.

Rotterdam said...

Pawlenty is a vanilla Republican.
He is not "Tea Party", like a Rand Paul, or Mark Rubio.

The ad itself is a positive ad.

Obama's first ad for 2012
Since you love watching American ads:

Craig said...

I'd rather have a Republican ad than a Republican leader